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Two More Days, Two Days More...

Found another Specialty's not too far from work, it's built into the side of a building in the Intel complex halfway between Great America Parkway and San Thomas Expressway on Mission College Blvd. Lots of parking, but it's a block away. They had pecan sticky buns! I tried the Thai chicken salad, which was Asian chicken salad but the dressing was a little bit spicier. This time they did not have any of the salads ready, so I had to wait about 10 minutes for that.

Phone rang, Kaiser MRI guy gave me times to be there and be rescued from there Friday. Earlier than I thought. I can be dropped off at 12:10, they put me in the tube at 12:40, and will be done by 1:40. Maybe sooner. I talked to my ride and he says he will probably go back to the office after he drops me off. Weird because he will probably just have time for lunch before he needs to come back for me.

So many beautiful backsides there. I'll have to look up their hours, because it would be a good place to wait for traffic to die down after work. And it's sort of on my way home. A couple of blocks out of my way east, but closer north.

Made some progress at work, found a way to resurrect my machine. Spent some time troubleshooting a widget the sales engineers kludged up, one of our senior tech support people was trying to make it work for a customer, and I'm the one who wrote the guide. Not my choice, management forced us to test it and document it. They put in the wrong number for video width in the hidden batch file (which I had suggested should be got rid of). Anyhow, solved the problem but it needs Marketing or the SEs to fix it.

When I got back from lunch my new machine was mysteriously responding, I just needed to nuke the database and reboot. This morning I couldn't even log in.

Got a bunch more tests assigned to me, mostly ones I wrote months ago.

Finally got a hold of the contractor to get an estimate on replacing the carpet on the porch and front steps. They'll make the measurements and give an estimate, and we can get together later to choose which carpet. I want something thicker than the paper-thin crap that the previous owner installed. It's also a job which I don't have to be there when they do.  

Home by way of Lowe's, bought some more bug traps and some outdoor bug spray which lists weevils and says it is safe for pets after it dries. The traps aren't really traps, they are just slabs of cardboard with sticky stuff on them which have pheromones or something like it. They have been catching a lot of weevils in the three places on the kitchen floor I have had them. Two new ones went into the cabinets which previously held flour. I will need to swap out the ones on the floor this weekend.

Fired up the new Tivo, watched two episodes of TMZ. They payed fine. Tried to watch Channel 2 news at 10, but lip sync was way out, I couldn;t stand it. The commercials were fine, which means they had some kind of delay in place that maybe they forgot about. All the other channels were good. I also went through the channel list telling it to ignore all the foreign language channels. Used to watch the Spanish language soaps from time to time, but the thrill is gone.

Warmed up some wings and mixed veggies for dinner. Spook begged for food, and actually ate all of the cartilage bits I threw to her. Yesterday I had smoked turkey drumstick, and she ate some of the meat I threw to her. She couldn't figure out how to take it out of my hand. Kept trying to paw at it.
Plans for tomorrow:
Work - probably 3 meetings

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