Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plagued by Anticipation

Last night was a series of bad dreams about MRI foo. No matter how hard I tried to dream about naked women, it kept coming back to that. And the MRI is not till tomorrow.

Lots of work turned up at work today, but Boss' Boss canceled our every other week meeting so I was able to go to the Mercado for lunch to try out the new restaurant which had its signs up last weekend. Too bad it is still under construction and there are no other good choices. I settled for Yo Yo sushi, had a bento box with teryaki salmon and tempura. It was yummy, and so were the young women seated at the next table.

After work I went for a massage at the place nearest work, but it was such a horrible session I tried again at a spot closer to home, with much better results. How does a masseuse not know that pressure points are not things to press elbows into?

Dinner was a beef pot pie, which caused Spook to put her paws up on the tray table and meow. She actually ate the pieces I gave her. Well, the pieces I dropped on the floor for her. She could not figure out how to user her teeth to take them out of my hand, so she pawed at them till they dropped.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - aim for 9 am or earlier because DONUTS
11:40 take a pill
12:10 get dropped off at Kaiser hospital by cow-orker
12:40 be stuffed in a tube, hopefully fully sedated, and experience horrible jarring noises for 40 minutes
1:30 or so, get poured into cow-orker's car and driven back to the office 
Fake it from there. The theory is I'll be good to drive well before quitting time

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