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Teacher Teacher

Spent the day teaching a techie class, will continue through Thursday (which will probably be a half-day class). All 12 students showed up, from Sweden, Japan, Estonia, Australia, Texas, Oregon and high in the California Sierras. One of the disappointing bits about tech training is the classes are overwhelmingly male. One woman in this class, from Japan. Like most women in traditionally male jobs, she's very smart. The rest of the class are pretty smart too, and I'm impressed with how well the folks from overseas are understanding the subject matter.

I'm using my new laptop for the first time, and spent about 20 minutes before class getting the display to work right with the projector. The built-in display is a wide screen, the projector is standard. And it turns out my KVM switch doesn't work with the laptop, but it does work with my 2 linux servers. I may try for a different brand of switch tomorrow. Or not. It's easy enough to change connectors.

The class is going well, but I'm going to have to slow down, I get the feeling I'm going too fast, especially for the non-native speakers. It'll slow down by itself some tomorrow, since we'll be copying large movie files from CDs, and installing movies on their servers.

Tomorrow night I'll head for Adobe in SJ and go to the Photoshop meetup. Looks interesting. Maybe there'll be women there. 

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