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Mister Eclectic

Resonating Day

Very odd sleep pattern last night, woke up at unusual times did some lucid dreaming (that's pretty rare for me) and was fast asleep when the alarm went off and the lights came on.

Long story short, was at work well before 9, which meant I had my choice of bagels. Took a poppy seed one in honor of the fact that I would be taking drugs later.

There was some work to follow up on but I mostly read through my RSS feeds from Bangkok and Seattle and browsed CNN and BBC. CNN has recently revamped what used to be the most horribly laid out news site on the Internet. It now looks like a tabloid newspaper site. And their choices for top headline topics has gone that route as well. What news isn't utterly predictable (Saudi king dies, Congress passes "climate change is not a hoax" bill) is there for its shock value. I had to go to the Jakarta Post and the Singapore Straits-Times to find out that they have finally removed some bodies from the fuselage of that sunken AirAsia plane. IMHO that is far more newsworthy than Weird robbery caught on cam, Bears OD'd on chocolate bait or Teammate: Manziel was '100% joke'.

11:40 I took one 5mg Valium pill. At noon Automation Guy drove me to the hospital. 12:45 I was called in for my 12:40 appointment, and though the Valium had kicked in, it only made me a tiny bit woozy. I was still able to walk, talk and think straight. I mentioned that to the tech but he said if I took another one, by the time it hit the MRI would be over.

Changed into a gown, two, actually one front and one back, thus eliminating the need to tie things behind my back. Put my stuff in a locker, tech locked it and brought the key with us to the trailer out back with the MRI machine. This was something new. There has been so much demand for MRI work, Kaiser hired this contract company which has an MRI-on-wheels. This one is newer than the one I had used the past 2 times, but is was just as narrow and uncomfortable and I am a lot wider now than 7 years ago. Also, this time they clamped a mask on my face which was like a hockey goalie mask, to keep my head still. There was not enough room to keep my hands at my sides, so they were on my tummy, which did not make breathing easier. Also, my head was in a depression cup, making my neck bend backwards, also not good for breathing.

Somehow I managed to make it through the ~20 minutes of loud nasty noises with the occasional false alarm of the bed moving toward the opening a little to scan another quadrant. When it really was over, it was a surprise, I knew we were done when he took the panic button squeeze bulb out of my hand.

I will be writing an informational note to my doctor that the Valium was mostly useless at that small dosage.

The tech walked me back to the locker, opened it, and I took my stuff to the dressing room and got dressed and walked outside. The farmer's market was in the yard between the clinic and the hospital and I wanted to look around, but at 1:30 everyone was packing up. I phoned Automation Guy and he picked me up 10 minutes later.

We had snacks in the break room and then went back to work. By now the drug had completely worn off, and I was able to do some actual work. Wrote my weekly report and drove home.

Dinner was baked breaded fish fillets and veggies, with Swiss cheese melted on top. The last of the chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I may make some more this weekend. Spook once again begged for food, and ate the two bits I gave her, but then walked away. Her new hangout is the bath mat in front of the shower in the master bathroom. Very strange.

Caught up on the last episode of Elementary and the last two TMZs. The former has gone serial, wasting the first section with a wrap up of what has happened so far this season. Not really needed, the episodes stand alone quite well. I'm not real thrilled with his second companion. She's a good actress, but the character is a 3rd wheel.

Spent a lot of time on FB arguing with friends who did not Get It that my MRI was a brain scan, my whole body was in the bloody tube, head in deepest, and no, I could not have used headphones and listened to my favorite music whilst being bombarded with 200dB or more of magnetically charged virtual sledgehammers. They gave me ear plugs, but I could still hear the techs through them, they were not even shouting.

 Plans for tomorrow:
House stuff.
Spray the strip between the hedges and the porch with bug spray, weevils are on its kill list
Mop the kitchen floor with a sponge mop and Pine Sol, not that lame Swiffer thing
Get oot and aboot. Maybe Peet's down the block. Maybe Starbucks, and fill up the car's gas tank nearby

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