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Bend? Give Me A Break!

So I get email from a long-time friend who is originally from Corvallis but has been in Silicon Valley for 20 years or so. It was a heads-up that his wedding will be in Bend, OR Labor Day weekend. Bend is nowhere near Corvallis, or anywhere else for that matter. It can be got to by an Amtrak train/bus connection once a day, or by flying into Eugene and renting a car, and driving for 2.5 hours on not-highway roads. I'm pretty sure the place they are holding the event is enough oitside of town to require a car. I'll have to think about this.

The big events of the day included putting most of the laundry away (T-shirts need to be hung), setting up the formerly livingroom Tivo in the computer room with an HD antenna. It kind of works. I went to a talk at the library on digital media, expecting a huge crowd and someone who had no idea what she was talking about, but instead there were only a dozen in the audience, and the idiot librarians kept us out of the room until the scheduled start time because the speaker was late. Speaker showed up about 5 minutes later, and strange but true, she is One Of Us. She was online at 9 years old via a 300bps acoustic modem, which would be 1982, the second year I was doing that, I think. I wanted to ask where she was online back then, but the idiot librarians kept interrupting the Q&A session as if it was their place, and as soon as the talk was over some bully jumped up and hogged her space & time as she went to the table in the back of the room to sell copies of her book. Looking at her bio online, it would have been a disappointing answer because despite claiming to be local, she was brought up in Kansas City and went to Michigan for college. Which explains why I never hear of/met her while I was running a bulletin board and active in the community in the early 80s.

The talk was a reasoned description of Internet best practices, peppered with some interesting stats, and including some personal examples she and friends have had. Her slides were clear and easy to read. And she had some hints I will pass along to my youngets sister.

Sister phoned this morning, now that she has retired from her Navy job, she is launching a new career spun off from being a Master Gardener. She plans to start a blog on growing your own healthy food, and how to make that into actual meals. And eventually compile the entries into a book. So she picked my brain about the diff between a blog and a web site, and how to get readership. I referred her to my friend Nancie, who writes cookbooks for a living, has a blog and a web site and an active FB presence and learned all that shit the hard way. Nancie and sis are kindred spirits, they need to know each other.

Home for a snack, then out to Starbucks in MV for a chat with Janice, who spent last week in Puerto Vallarta, a trip she does this time every year. I went with her once, enjoyed it, but somehow never managed to go again.

And I told her about my MRI adventure. She says that is one experience she will never have - she would rather die. She's an MSW, a good person to chat with regularly.

Did not hear yet from either Kaiser or the contractors, did not expect to. Psychologist replied to my email which told her that I can't make it to group sessions earlier than 7 pm, and her reply was suggesting one at 8 am and another at 4 pm. This does not give me much confidence.

Somewhere in the day I forgot to mop the kitchen floor, or go outside and read, or choose an audition number. I did remember to make hot dogs and watch the Pro Bowl which I had recorded on Tivo. Except the stupid new one recorded the low-definition one, which is Just Plain Ugly when one is expecting HD. I had scheduled the HD one, but apparently that channel had nto yet loaded. It can take a week for it all to propagate. And it also required changing settings on both the Tivo and the TV to make the image the right size and shape.

There was some good play, but I was hella disappointed that they held it in the same WTF college stadium which will host the Superbowl. Normally ProBowl is in Hawaii, and Superbowl is in a relatively new NFL-quality stadium. I wonder who got bribed how much to hold it in Glendale, temporary home of the Arizona team while the owners figure out a way to bilk the public out of the $$ for a new one.

Spook has re-discovered a cat bed which I had thrown between a cat tree and a real tree in the piano room. She had been using it as a toy throw around.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to the library for part 1 of a 2-part session on eBook self-publishing. Not sure if I can get there on time.

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