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Mister Eclectic

Monday Not Funday

Got to work early-ish so I could check my machine's over the weekend health before the weekly team meeting. It was still running well.

Meeting was 20 minutes of information packed into an hour. I was guilty of maybe 5 minutes of that padding.

For the first time in a long time I did not find anything on BBC, CNN, Bangkok Post or KOMO news feeds which were worth passing along on FB

Lunch was at Sizzler, and for a change I ordered steak and not salad bar. I was planning on leaving a good tip, because when the server has to actually serve I do that. But the "no sour cream" order for the baked potato somehow got translated as "slop sour cream all over the potato and the side dish, and get some on the steak while you're at kit". And she never refilled my glass. And the bread arrived as I was finishing the steak. I still left a tip, but not a big one.

Called my Baltimore sister to find out if the mega storm was the over-hyped media lie I thought it was, and she said that they had snow, but not much, but the hype was all aimed at NY and MA. My NYC cousins have been posting pre-storm preparedness stuff on FB, but so far nothing has materialized.

After work I headed for Sunnyvale Library for a talk on how to self-publish an eBook, by the creator of a service called smashwords. What this guy does is good news/bad news. The good news is he makes it easy for anyone with a Word doc to get it converted into all the main eReader formats except Amazon's, and he distributes it to most of the major eBook purveyors except Amazon. It's all free except they don't pay until you have earned $10 or more, and they keep 10% commission on sales. Which is pretty generous compared to other places.

The bad news is he takes your manuscript as is, no proofing, no editing, and no censoring except for kiddie porn and other things which are illegal to publish. This made me think of someone who is sometimes a regular at BASFA who has self-published about a dozen books, none of them even remotely worth reading. But she does print.

This was part one, I may go to part 2 tomorrow evening, where he goes into more detail, like choosing fonts, creating a cover image, writing a synopsis, making the layout eBook friendly, etc.

While I was sitting there with my phone muted, my doctor tried calling 3 times. And then she sent email. When I got out of the talk I read the email, and it was results from the MRI. I think I'll keep the specifics to myself for now.

Home, shared the results with my sisters via email. Replied to the doctor's email.

Watched TMZ and Galavant on Tivo.

Which reminds me, first things last. At about 2 am I woke up with the thought that the black vertical line I was seeing on the TV may not have been from the new Tivo. Because all the HDMI connections go to the Sony home theater system first, and then out to the TV. So I fired up the DVD player and the black line was still there. I swapped around some of the HDMI cables and re-seated them, and the black line mostly went away for the Tivo and the DVD player. It is now only there sometimes, and then it's right up against the border so it isn't nearly as distracting.

Realizing I have had this Sony unit since the dawn of time, at least since I worked at Sony in 1996, and I really could use at least one more HDMI input port, I decided to look online for a newer model.

So during a break at work I looked at reviews on CNet, identified two models which would do, and went to Amazon, Fry's and Costco, but finally found one on eBay for $50 less than all of those and bought it. And then I remembered the Costco cash card I had from the Lenovo refund, and went looking for a TV, now that they have 4K resolution, and between an online instant rebate and the pennies left in the card, found just what I was looking for at what amounted to half price.

I had been planning on spending more on just the Sony box than I spent on both combined, so I'm happy.

Meanwhile, the contractors still have not called about the porch carpet, which will cost slightly more than those two boxes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone the doctor, the email needs verbal follow-up.
Library, part 2 of the eBook presentation.


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