Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Adult Steps

Another on-time morning, which almost wasn't because when I was hanging up my shirts last night I saw several which needed to be recycled, which meant a little extra time online ordering replacements.

At work the EULA adventure continued. The Person In Charge posted what was supposed to be the final official one, which had corrected three typos I caught and one or two she found. I decided to proofread it. The typos I found were just random ones which leapt out at me from a couple of paragraphs I was tasked to check - the exercise was to change the company name from the previous one to the current one, so I had only read the lines with the new company name. This time I proofed the whole thing and found a glaring typo in all caps toward the end which was very embarrassing. And also a possessive which probably needed and apostrophe.

So I privately emailed the The Person In Charge, whom I admire greatly, starting the note with "please don't kill me" and she copied and pasted my whole note into the bug report, which copied half the higher-ups in the building. The VP of engineering sent me congratulatory email.

So that was fun.

Just as I was making some progress on my new round of tests, the new machine locked up. :-(

But I was saved by a new build for the upcoming release on the current machine. I have to check tomorrow if I need to verify bugs on that or if the guys on the other side of the planet have that on their plate.

Got a call from Neurology, which was the same number as MRI, and we set up an appointment for Friday afternoon.

Lunch was an Asian chicken salad at the nearest Togo's. Never any eye candy there, but it is close and after 1 pm there is parking. And there are about 7 other eateries if I want to go wild.

After work it was the library again for part 2 of smashwords' presentation. Unlike last night, it was a waste. Even though only 3 out of 50 people in the audience were not returnees, he waste the first 40 minutes repeating stuff from yesterday. And the new stuff he gave us was mostly pulled out his butt. He does not recognize a self-self-fulfilling prophecy when it hits him upside the head. He gave us stats which showed how the longest books sold the most copies, and that romance novels sell the most copies. His whole operation is slanted in favor of Romance novelists. Racy covers sell the best, the length of the novel has nothing to do with it. Except that most indie romance writers don't know how to stop writing, and they pad a lot.

I left when he was 10 minutes over, and was still fielding stupid audience questions.

Home, watch an episode of TMZ, and Channel 2 news until they put their heads up their butts and continued to report on psi.

Paid my auto insurance for the year. In the mail was my mortgage interest statement for the IRS. I thought it would be more than that.

Took down all but 3 of my webcams. Spook is almost never in their line of sight, so why bother?

Separated the main speakers in the livingroom so there will be room for the wider TV. I may also move the rear speakers to on top of the front ones, the theory being they will still focus the surround sound behind me.

Janice invited herself over for Sunday to watch the game. Since the commercials are worth watching, I'm only going to Tivo the game for a souvenir in case the Seahawks win. After what the Pats did to the Colts, and the OT miracle win of the birds over the packers, I'm not so sure it will go my way.

Watched some of the Media Day clips on NFL.com. Belichick was way too respectful of his opponent. Makes me think he has Plans.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home. Maybe stop off at Costco for milk. Or Safeway.

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