Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One on One Day

Got to work not early for the first time this week. I would have been early, but the OCD bug grabbed me, and I took down all but two webcams,  and swapped the bathtub cam out and put it in the kitchen. I may need to put one in the livingroom, but maybe not. Front door and side door would make more sense, but power outlets are a challenge.

At work, my test machine was not responding, I tried everything remotely, finally went to look at it, and someone had pulled the video board halfway out. I had to delete the database to get the machine back up even after re-seating the board. The good news is the machine goes back to the integration dept. tomorrow. I will work on the current model, which just got a new release.

And there are some tests I ran which still need to be entered in the test database.

Geico. How the hell can they afford to flood all channels of all TV and radio programs with their inane but over-produced commercials? Fan mail to a pig? A pig named Maxwell? And at least one new theme a month. There ought to be a law. That $ needs to be spent on reducing premiums and providing better service. It only took me 10 seconds to find that auto insurance with them would double my rates.

No lunch today. I was heading for Mister Chau, but had my nails done instead. I had planned this, but forgot. I had actually packed a lunch, knowing I was going to have my nails done.

1-on-1 with the boss. Told him the results of the MRI and that I have a Neurology appointment Friday. He's very supportive.

He laughed when I told him what the last typo was that I had found.

Ran out of work, so I went online to NFL and watched a lot of the Media Day videos from yesterday. It's video so it's my job ;-)

Also tried to pair my Samsung tablet with the Sony bluetooth headset, but the tablet did not see the phones. It saw 15 other BT devices. I had the same problem with the last BT phones. They pair just fine with my Samsung phone. Apparently the headphones expect a telephone audio connection. I'll need to look for something which is designed to work with a non-phone tablet.

Straight home, but I took the long route so missed Bingo Night. Got undressed and curled up in be with the Kindle app. I've been reading a Sci-Fi megapack which was free, or lose to it. Lots of short stories by great writers, some of them classics. Spook gave up trying to distract me, and went into the bathroom and watched me from her bath mat.

Delivered today was a bright orange faux satin Giants 2014 world series jacket, which is gorgeous, but half a size too small. It fits, but only barely. I ordered the next size up, and packed it up to return. It comes with a return label.

Plans for tomorrow:

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