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Got to work just a tad after 9 this morning. I had spent the night with the bedroom door closed most of the way, but open enough that a curious cat could push it open. When I got up, Spook whined at me from the other side of the door, she couldn't figure out how to open it. IQ FAIL.

There was work, and then lunchtime at Sizzler, where the waitress did the bare minimum. They never seem to keep staff for very long.

Afternoon team meeting was totally screwed up by the engineering manager inviting the entire three QA teams to see some changes coming in the new product. Twice as many people as the room was designed for, and several of those group members can't shut the eff up. Too many out of order interruptions, too many6 people talking at once, and the room was HOT with all those bodies. I almost left.

After the meeting I took a break in the break room (go figure) and chatted with one of the new guys on the team, who felt the same way.

The contractors still have not called. I will nudge them tomorrow.

I did get a call from the shippers who are delivering the TV. They had 12-4 windows any day from tomorrow on. My doctor's appointment is at 2:30 tomorrow, can't cancel that. Auditions at 12 Saturday. No deliveries Sunday, Monday is out, I need it for the Superbowl. Told him Saturday, and went to the theater audition site, canceled my Saturday appointment, but saw they had one Friday at 7. Perfect. Made that appointment. So now Saturday can be The Day I Do Everything™. Fedex is scheduled to deliver the home theater receiver too, so I'll be home for that. Yay. Also on the agenda for Saturday is mopping the kitchen floor with a real mop, bringing my YOTB programs from last year and LSOH script and program out to the storage tub in the shed, and getting the collection of letters from Thailand from another storage tub and bringing them inside to read and maybe type and eventually make into a book.

Safeway after work. My Superbowl guest requested requested black bean dip (I have never heard of this, and it sounds awful) and non-fat chips. Safeway was all stocked for the game, several thousand different kinds of chips, but none of them non-fat. Had to go through the whole store because they had chips of one kind or another in every aisle. Found a small "must be refrigerated" black bean chipotle dip by the hummus, but it wasn't until I got to the castle of chips, canned sodas and dips that I found a decent sized jar of plain stuff. Did not find any non-fat chips, so I bought a couple of "80% less fat" brands and hoped for the best. Also bought some of the things on my list, but figured TJ's would be a better bet for non-fat chips. No way. Huge variety of chips, finally settled for low-fat blue torilla chips. No black bean dip anywhere except as a layer in 3-layer and 5-layer dip. But I scored a lot of different kinds of nuts. Wanted some trail mix, but every one has cranberries in it. WTF? ANd then it dawned on me that I completely forgot about Safeway's bulk nut selection in the produce department.

I had bought a dozen eggs at SW because diabetes doc said they would balance the banana I have for breakfast. TJ's had them for half the price. :-(

Also got turkey meatballs, which means I may need to go to the Asian market for Penang curry paste. I have about 1.5 TBsp left. Not sure it that's enough. I may need coconut milk too? Nah I still have half a carton in the fridge and two cans in the cabinet.

Dinner was a small spaghetti & meatballs frozen dinner & 3 cookies.

One thing I started tonight and will try to continue is to shoot up at 10 every night, because the stuff only lasts 12-14 hours, and I shoot up around 8:30-9 am. Maybe I should shoot up earlier in the evening. Hmmm.

Plans for tomorrow:
Back to work/weekly report? (have to look at a map and see if the clinic is on the way to auditions or not)

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