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Mister Eclectic

A Fun Filled Day

Not much work at work, went to Kaiser 90 minutes before my 2:30 appointment because I had been snacking all morning and was not hungry, and there are plenty of places there to sit outside and read or people-watch. Once again I got there just as the farmer's market was folding up.

Read a bit, watched a bit, smelled the roses. One of the market stands rolled by on its way out, wafting strong aroma of basil. Yum.

Neurology appointment 15 minutes early because I expected paperwork, but there wasn't any. Surprised that I only got a chance to read a paragraph in the Kindle app before being called in. BP was way high first time, but 5 minutes later she took it again with me standing, and it was almost normal.

The doctor interviewed me on the symptoms, some of which I forgot, and she touch types at mach 3. She gave me a lot of small tests, discovered I have no reflexes, and maybe I could pass a field sobriety test. Very thorough. This was all based on the MRI showing nothing which would account for my symptoms.

Her conclusion is I am simply showing the signs of old age. But she ordered up 3 more blood tests, so I went to the lab and did that. One of them required the vial to be wrapped in aluminum foil. I think that was the one they hand off to the UFO.

Went to Radiology to ask for a copy of the MRI images, because the doc thought that was where to start, but they sent me to the business office, all the way on the other side of campus. I already had the form filled out. Biz office person was very nice, and burned me a CD with both 2007 and last week's.

Back to work, I no longer have a new machine, but the team lead will be sending me some test case admin work to do next week.

Next, I asked my GPS to take me to Cupertino Middle School for auditions, because when I looked on the map I did not see a good way to get there without massive traffic. And neither did the GPS. It took 45 minutes to get there, good thing I allowed for an hour.

The audition was in a band room which was remodeled from a cafeteria. At the reception desk was a long time acquaintance, whom I originally met in the 80s at BBS parties in the SCruz mountains which she and her husband, who is a pretty good magician, attended regularly. The person ahead of me was late, so I got in 6 minutes earlier than scheduled. I knew half the panel (two shows were being auditioned for) and the accompanist. He was a surprise because this morning I got listmail from him for Stanford's G&S group which was opening Yeomen Of The Guard tonight.

I sang well, the acoustics in the room let me fill it with sound. After, the director said she had enjoyed my performance in Little Shop. And the director of the other show wanted to know if I would accept a role in his. He was AD for Bridge Of Doom, and I was not impressed. I told him I would have to check the dates.

Since I was only going for an ensemble role, they didn't need me to read.

So, 45 minutes to get to a 4-minute event. I shouldn't have to worry about call-backs, not going for a big part.

I had left a message this morning for the contractors, and they called back telling me they could do the deck on Monday, they just need me to pick out carpet.

So after auditions I went to Home Despot (their recommendation) and looked for indoor-outdoor carpet which I eventually found. But there was nothing in the dark brown which would match the deck paint job, so I grabbed three swatches to take home. Trouble is, all their indoor-outdoor carpet looks like the cheap stuff on the deck now. The guy who gave the estimate said there was better stuff used in offices, but I didn't see any darker colors for those. Beige Inc.

Home, I phoned the contractors' service and left a message with Leaf Green as my choice, with the UPC code. And to call me tomorrow if that's not the type of carpet they recommend.

Finished off the last of the designer sausages from Costco. Added peas, a pickle and some sauerkraut for a balanced meal. And the last 3 chocolate chip cookies.

Watched TMZ and then Elementary. The latter wrapped up the experiment with a new companion. It apparently didn't work out. Ophelia Lovibond (yes, that's her birth name) played Kitty. She had a tiny part in Guardians of the Galaxy. IMDB says she has a couple of small roles in 2015 movies. I thought she was an okay experiment, but she was no Sarah Jane.

Got miffed by the livingroom rug developing lumps, so I moved all the furniture off of it, and tried to flatten it out. Only partly succeeded. As soon as the furniture was back in place, Spook dove underneath the rug and played cave cat for a while, making more lumps.

While I was eating she jumped up on the recliner arm, tried to walk onto the tray table and inspect my dinner, but I pushed her back. So she walked across me and walked around the side table for a bit.

I popped the MRI disk into the PC, but instead of it being JPG images, each scan is a series of crude video in an unknown format which can be played in thumbnail size using the included program. I remember being able to print something from the knee scan, so I'll see if that can be done with these.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put away in the storage shed a small pile of script/program material & extract my letters from Thailand.
Mop the kitchen floor with Pine Sol
Make penang curry sauce and marinate the turkey meatballs in it
Be home to receive the new AV unit & hook it up
Ditto the new TV
Re-program the remote for those new units.

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