Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I haz a Sad

The game went as I expected, except for the end, in which the Seahawks were handed a miracle, all they had to do was run two or three times and they would win. But they did a stupid, threw the ball, to two Patriot players. Disgusting. The wrong team won.

Productive morning. I went to Fry's and returned the $65 worth of audio plugs which I ended up not needing. Home, I planted the three stalks of lemongrass which have been growing roots in a Mason jar on the kitchen table for about a month.

Set up the livingroom for a second person. Surround speakers got moved, so they had to be re-calibrated. Easily done with Sony's mike system.

Janice was late, I paused Tivo at kickoff. Watched the game, she kept trying to hold a conversation. I need to remember not to invite her next year. Not that a team I want to root for will be in it next year. Seattle isn't going to make it there again, the 49ers look like they will be in the cellar. Oakland won't rebuild that quickly.

Had an insulin reaction during the last 5 minutes of the game. That was no fun. Good thing there was a lot of food nearby. Dinner was Penang meatballs made from turkey, and baked potato chips. And chocolate ice cream topped with walnuts & honey.

Plans for tomorrow:
While I'm at work the porch carpeting is supposed to be replaced. I may have to duck out of work to pay for the job.

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