Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Can't Trust That Day

I was devastated by the bad play call by the Seahawks which cost them the game. It hit me much harder than it should have, and I found myself unable to sleep, and at 2:30 am in my favorite recliner with a Klondike bar (dark chocolate) staring at a blank TV screen.

Followed that with a glass of milk. While I was in the chair, Spook kept attacking. She reaches up from the side of the chair and tries to claw her way to grab my arm. Once she jumped up on the arm of the chair and hopped from there to the top. She doesn't stick around very long, though. With the mood I was in, it was annoying.

Finally back to bed around 4 am, finished a short story on the Kindle app, checked the plumbing and fell asleep around 5:30.

Up at 7:30 with the alarm, but couldn't keep my eyes open. Eye drops applied, managed to wake up, do my morning routine, and be at work by 9:05.

Morning meeting had me closing my eyes from the glare, the overhead lights in the conference room always irritate my eyes. One awkward moment is Boss looked at me as he went around the table asking for feedback on the latest build of the new machine, and it took me a moment to remind him I don't have a machine anymore, so nada to report.

I wasn't dragging after the meeting, didn't nod off somehow.

Lunchtime I wanted to find the nearest Panda Express, so I looked them up online, and their web site insisted that the new one being set up in the Mercado is a total illusion (there is a tab for "coming soon") and the one they have was not too far away, the map looked like it was near Great America. So I punched it into the GPS, which took me to the employee parking lot behind GA. No sign of a Panda, and the addresses on the surrounding buildings were off by 100. Got out of there and drove to a small restaurant strip farther along GA Pkwy and found a Togo's. Further research revealed the Panda is actually inside GA, which means I would have had to pay a $5 parking fee and a 38.99 entrance fee for the honor of eating there.

Back at work there was some online data work to be done, but by the end of the day I had not discovered how to do it. I probably don't have permissions.

And the contractor called, he was done with the porch, so I asked him to call the office to have them call me to get the credit card info. He called back and said the office manager was busy, and she asked him to do the charge himself. I gave him my Visa card info, and he used his portable Wells Fargo app to enter the charge. Immediately I get a text on my phone from Citi Visa fraud, asking if I had authorized the charge. I called the fraud alert number, pressed all the right buttons, and it said the card was okay to be used, but the contractor called and said it had been denied. I told him to run it again.

And got another fraud alert. This time I used the test reply to fix it, and it said t was fixed. But he called again to say it was still not in his account. So I called the generic 800 number for Citi and after out-lasting their insanely unresponsive automated system which told me my balance, credit remaining, last payment made, next payment due, my grandmother's horoscope sign, the names of the three children I would have had if I was living in a parallel universe, and finally "push 1 to repeat, 2 to talk to a human". Pushed 2, and in about a minute a woman who said she was in Maryland helped me. At first she did not see any transactions for today, but then she put me on hold for 3 minutes and told me she saw the first charge was denied, but the second charge was approved, and pending. And claimed that the contractor's bank is the one which gave him the "denied" message the second time. So I called him back and reminded him the charges don't get credited instantly, and to wait a few days. If it doesn't go through he should have the manager run it on the company's machine instead of the one which has his name on it.

And then I logged into my Citi account and it showed FOUR pending charges from the contractor.

Straight home, gave Spook some treats, got undressed and went to bed at 6:30, woke up after 8.

Fired up Quicken, downloaded all my accounts, and there were no charges cleared on the Citi card since 1/28. That left 5 not cleared.

Made dinner, watched an episode of TMZ and the news, and then logged into the Citi account and all of the contractor charges were gone, and there were no pending charges at all. Downloaded to Quicken again, and everything from 1/28 to yesterday was there.

In the mail was my W2, and I got a HUGE laugh because they had misspelled the name of the town the new company is in. This after I had just reported numerous typos in the new company's licensing agreement which replaced Moto's. Scanned that, will send it to the program manager for the EULA and Boss, and see how hard they laugh. Or cry. They also have the wrong company name on there, but that's just a minor chuckle because ADT probably is still using the old ID#.

Also in the mail was the sheet of red white & blue $2 stamps I had pre-ordered. And on the porch was a package with the replacement larger size bright orange sateen Giants 2014 World Series jacket which is perfect for letting me retire the Sharks jacket. The latter needs a wash, too.

Plans for tomorrow:
Look over the re-carpeting job in the light of day. It looked great by moonlight.
Maybe attend a songwriters' meetup in Los Altos.

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