Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2's Daze

Just as I was deciding to spend more Quality Time in bed with the Nexus, the phone rang. It was the office manager for the contractor. Apparently none of the four charges rung up on my card by her sub-contractor had cleared, so I gave her the card info and she punched it in. She called back 15 minutes later to say it had gone through, and she emailed a receipt from Square.

That put me off schedule, so I didn't manage to get to work till 9:59. But first I inspected the re-carpeting in daylight, and saw a couple of spots which were sloppy, but they are small and maybe 1% of the work. He also left some scraps of plastic in the hedges. But it was a great job considering the speed in which it was done.

There was a lot of admin stuff to do. But I started by sending a scan of my misspelled W2 to the program manager upstairs who worked with me on the licensing typos. She LOLed. I also sent it to my boss, but I think he didn't open it.

Lunch was a cluster fork. I went to the Mercado Center, Panda was not open, but they had the "Now Hiring" banner up. Walked to the other side of the section, and into Tomatino's. I waited in the doorway for about 5 minutes before the bartender noticed me please waiting to be seated, and sat me at a tbale for 2 next to a party of 4, which was being presided over by a man who sounded educated but loud, and I listened for 10 minutes while reading the menu and then reading from the Kindle app, and none of the wait staff came anywhere near me. The party of 4 decided that the man would be spending the next 3 days in Monterey, they left, and the waiter who brought their bill made it clear mine was not one of his tables by walking away abruptly.

So I packed up the tablet and left.

Went across the street to the Mexican place, which I have never gone to alone (I think of Mexican food as re-used food. Hate it). The place was empty, the receptionist was not in sight, so I left. Punted again, this time to Subway. Five minutes of watching the two people ahead of me being served by a trainee whose trainer was the only other person making sandwiches, and I left.

Thought about the sushi place, but didn't want the cashectomy. So I grabbed a sandwich and a croissant and iced tea at Starbucks. No place to sit inside, but it was 72° outside, so that I sat at one of their tables and enjoyed the view of all the people going to and from the cinema.

More work at work. I also had a chat with Automation Guy, who wondered if a Bose speaker bar replaced a Sony audio receiver such as the one I just bought (he bought one too when he worked at Sony at about the same era). I didn't think it would, but we looked it up and the only thing he loses is the AM/FM radio feature. His current speaker system isn't high end like mine, so it's a good choice for him.

Home, almost stopped at Lowe's for a full sized ironing board, and at F&E for bananas, but didn't.

Planted a jade plant cutting Janice gave me Sunday. I think I broke it. It was dark. I was me.

Dinner was microwaved small serving of Meatish Sweetballs. Dessert was pistachio nuts, followed by some natural peanut butter (crunchy).

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, p/u a bunch of meds including the long-acting insulin
More work

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