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Lallygagging in bed this morning, because Spook decided to jump up on the bed and stay for a couple of minutes, maybe 3 times as I was playing on the tablet. Late for work, but not by much.

Did a lot of paperwork, the job was to match specs to test cases to make sure that all the specs had a test associated with it. The end result was emailing an engineer to find out why several of the reqs did not seem to be in the product at all. He wrote back that they were not in the product at all. His manager forwarded that to the keeper of the req document, and those should go away in a week or six. Several others needed tests written for them, which I finished by the end of the day.

Lunchtime started at Kaiser pharmacy, to pick up insulin and most of my other meds. Then the plan was to go to KFC about a mile away, but it is gone, and in its place is an empty building with a brand new Mongolian Grill sign. So I went to Popeye's a couple more miles down that road. I don't really like the Cajun spices, but I was too lazy to search for somewhere else where the food was fast but not fast food.

After work, finally got my brain in gear and went to the Safeway which is nearest work. It is parallel to my house, but you can't get there from here, because Great America is in the way. Another reason I should go there regularly instead of to the ones on El Camino is the drive is opposite the commute. El Camino is not. And it's the biggest Safeway in the area - twice as big as the ones on El Camino. And there is much eye candy because it is in the middle of a yuppie neighborhood.

Anyhow that trip was mostly surgical shopping, I was out of frozen dinners, bananas, limes and peanut butter. Interesting thing about that last item is the 16 oz jars were on sale, but the jars which looked like they were twice as big and cost less than twice as much as that sale price were really only 26 oz not 32, so the smaller jars were the better bargain, by about a penny an ounce. So I got two.

The reason for the peanut butter is Diabetes Doc suggested it as a healthier snack than Ho-Hos. The natural PB, which I can tolerate, though I do miss the tasty stuff.

Also bought a whole cooked Dungeness crab, which was on my list of things to splurge on when they came into season, and there was a deep discount on my club card.

Home, put away the grocs, and the meds, took out the crab and some low-fat chips left over from Sunday, and watched TMZ and Shark Tank. I really love the better picture quality on the new TV, but sometimes lip sync is out, I need to adjust the delay in the receiver.

Could not log into my Visa account, apparently the wen sit thought I had typoed on my password too many times (I didn't). Called tech support, they unlocked the account and also verified that the contractors were paid, and only got paid once. One of the four bogus charges will be listed as Pending for 30 days and then should disappear.

The next electronics thing on my list to change is to remove the old school surround sound speaker set (5.1) from the PC and get a pair of speakers which can approximate the same acoustics.  The subwoofer is way too big & heavy and needs to be relocated to Goodwill. I did some online shopping, but the only one I found which accepts optical in is about $150. I think I'll go to Fry's and see what they have. That's one area they usually have more/better than Amazon.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is I did 5 minutes on the exercise bike. I did not repeat that tonight.

One of my BASFA friends is in the hospital with several nasty things, including internal bleeding. The woman whom I find highly annoying from that group suggested a bunch of us go visit and do a group hug. Seriously.

Plans for tomorrow
Possibly go to a coffee meetup for folks who don't do booze. It's at a Peet's, though.

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