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More electronic carnage

And it freaked out Spook - for a while she huddled in the space on the floor by the cat tree which formerly had been occupied by a tub of telescope accessories.

I went to Fry's after work and bought a bluetooth 2.0 speaker set. Pulled out the very old & dusty 5.1 PC speakers with the 2-foot-square and very heavy subwoofer. The speakers, controller and wires are in a pile on the office floor, but out of the way. Spook chased the wires around while I was disconnecting everything, but now she is resigned, and sleeping on the cat tree. On top of the little house thing, because she is too big now for the little house thing.

Turns out I don't have bluetooth in the PC, and the two USB adapters I have are so old they can't find the speakers. My phone finds them just fine. I was hoping I could use them with the livingroom setup, to be the B speakers in the office when the TV is on, but the TV doesn't have Bluetooth and the AV system can't find them. I guess it only likes input devices, because it finds my phone. Tomorrow I'll go back to Fry's and get a better adapter.

Meanwhile it works okay with the 3.5mm stereo wire. But the sound is not as good as what I removed. Part of that is the 5.1 set accepts optical, and these speakers don't. I may look for something online. Or not.

Work was a series of canceled meetings. Automation meeting was canceled because there were too many things piled on Automation Guy. Boss' Boss' meeting was moved to tomorrow. Our new product team meeting was held, but only lasted 40 minutes.

I didn't have much on my plate until boss asked me to re-test a bug I'd filed, which took a couple of hours just to set up (more than 2,000 streams) and it turned out it was not as reproducible as I thought. But there was still enough there to write half a page more onto the bug report, and 'splain it to boss.

Lunchtime started at the post office, returning 3 of the 5 shirts I'd ordered. The two I kept were the more expensive "hassle free", wrinkle-free, and coated with something which makes spills bead up and roll off. Except for Thai Pot Gratiem which is what I had for lunch. By accident. I was going to go to Little Ceasar's, but the one near the PO is take-out only. Then I headed for another place, but made a wrong turn which took me past an elementary school which bizarrely had 5 cop cars parked in its lot and on the street, with at least 3 cops just standing by his car with the driver's door open. No flashing lights or sirens. Major WTF for 1:30 pm.

The result of the wrong turn was to put me on the same street as Levi's Stadium, in a restaurant strip row across from it. I usually hit the Togo's there, but the Thai Bistro was open for a change, so I tried it. I don't think any of the staff is Thai, they looked too chubby. But I didn't try speaking Thai so I don't know. I didn't hear any Thai being spoken either.

As I said, Fry's after work, I spent a lot of time looking for a small speaker set which accepts optical, but in the PC speaker section they only had ones which took mini-plugs. Very sad, because this means most people who use computers think MP3 is Quality Audio, which is decidedly is not. After not finding what I was looking for I settled for the bluetooth/wired unit, which Amazon had on sale for $20 less, but Fry's lived up to their Internet price match.

One annoying thing about these speakers is they turn themselves off if there's no audio for x minutes. I don't see a setting for that. :-(

After Fry's I was planning on going to a coffee meetup of World Travelers, but people kept bailing at the last minute, so the organizer canceled it. One person didn't get the notice, and she showed. Oh well.

Home, did all that stuff. Frozen dinner of lasagna. I din't mention yesterday that I ate the crab that I'd bought at Safeway, and Spook begged for some. She likes crab. Go figure. She wouldn't take it from my hand - when I held a piece out she would tentatively wave her paw at it till I dropped it. It was really cute. After she stopped begging, she curled up on the floor against my foot. :-)

Frozen mango bits for dessert. One thing F&E does well.

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