Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Endor Da Week

Not much to do at work except wrap up documenting stuff. Only one meeting, boss' boss', which turns into a sauna with 25 people in a room meant to hold 12. Big boss started by asking me to describe a big but mundane project I've been on. Surprised me.

Lunchtime was at Fry's, getting a bluetooth 4.0 adapter and a couple of usb extension cables. It was raining steadily, first time since Dec. 24. The weather dweebs expected it yesterday. I'd say it was harder than your average Seattle rain, but not even close to Astoria. Or the Xmas eve storm.

10 pm it is still coming down about the same amount.

Straight home on surface streets after work. Did not feel like fighting rain traffic to go to the show at Stanford. Maybe tomorrow evening.

Hooked up the bluetooth, and unlike the two older ones, it worked fine. But the speakers keep cutting out any time there is activity on the PC.

Last night, this morning at 2 am I had an OCD episode and ordered a speaker bar which has optical in, a pair of torchiere lamps to replaces the ones which the movers broke (they broke the shades, the lamps work fine but glare). At work I ordered a pair of full frame reading glasses because the ones at work broke off a nose tab.

I think I need to eat dinner and get to sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am photo shoot in Santa Clara
Maybe Yeomen of the Guard at Stanford  

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