Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Computer make me mad

And angry too.

Weird sleep pattern last night, woke up at odd hours, finally woke up at 7:30 to the two alarms. Spent some time trying to transfer stuff from my of Nexus to the new one, but old Nexus was locked for about 15 minutes. The good news is Spook was on the bed behind me, watching. She is getting braver.

After way more time than it should have taken and an app I should not have needed, I was able to "beam" my webcam data from the old to the new. Evernote only sent me to the Google Play install page, I had to login again to see my stuff.

On the big PC, the weekly backup of C: failed, as I thought it might, because the NAS drive is somehow no longer mappable on the PC. I think this happened when I accidentally pulled the plug on the router when I was disconnecting the speakers, but it should have recovered when I plugged it back in and rebooted the NAS.

Finally had to give up, and go to a photo shoot. It was raining HARD and I was glad this shoot was at the studio down the block from Costco, close by. When I got there at 5 minutes before show time, the door was locked and nobody was parked in the lot. Checked my meetup calendar, and saw it was at another location, this one in San Jose. The freeway was the only way to get there and it was a mess. But I managed to get to the shoot at 10 after, and as usual they were just finishing setting up. 

Very pretty, very blonde model, 5 photogs, 10 minute shooting sessions each which tended to last 15. Toward the end the host stopped timing them and we just told the model when we were done, time for the next shooter. I got some good shots, which I may have to tweak because up close she has a lot of zits on her forehead. And the scars under her breasts for the implants are very clearly there. She was difficult to get good shots of because she didn't hold a pose, and a lot of the poses she did were not at all complimentary. But she has gorgeous eyes, and I got some good shots which show that. One thing which slowed things down is one of the photogs shooting before me kept changing the lighting and having the model change outfits. The protocol on shoots is if you want to do that, you wait till everyone else has shot.

My favorite local photog popped in halfway through, it's his studio, and he had a bunch of fashion photos to show. He is part of a fashion company partnered with an amazing dress designer. Good to see him and the photos.

Home, it had stopped raining. Had a snack, tried to beat the PC into submission again and failed. I thought the bluetooth adapter might have caused the problem because it is also a networking item, so I pulled it and uninstalled the app, but that didn't help. It did help me decide to return the BT speakers when the replacement comes.

I've messed with all the settings I could find which might have anything to do with mapping network drives, but no luck.

Looking at Facebook during the shoot, I was happy to see johnnyeponymous was getting married at the same time, at the Computer History Museum where he works. And a little sad, too, because I had no idea that was today, possibly because I haven't been to the last couple of basfa meetings, possibly because I simply was not invited. I'd have liked to be there, but I would have kind of liked to have been at William and Kate's wedding too. Good luck to them, it took a long time for two unique people to find each other, without any resulting homicides.

At home, transferred all the photos to the PC, converted them from raw to jpg, which took a while so I let that crank.

Next up on the whiteboard was to re-pot the plants, so I went to World Oil and filled up the car's gas tank, and then to Lowe's and bought a couple of larger-than-I-had pots and some potting soil, two bags each for general indoor plants and two each for citrus trees.

Took the big tree out of its too-small pot and into the 17" one, filled it with soil, watered it and now just need a wee bit of vacuuming. I hardly spilled any. Took hold of the Thai lime tree, and decided I needed to do that one outside, but it was already dark so tomorrow. It needs to have all the soil beaten off its roots, and totally re-potted with the citrus formula which drains better. Whatever the nursery planted it in holds water like a colostomy bag. No wonder the tree hasn't grown at all in a year.

Watched a couple of episodes of a Jerry Springer hosted show about baggage, saw horrible mis-matches. Dinner was reheated Penang curried meatballs & veggies & a couple of fresh baked crescent dinner rolls. Not to be confused with croissants.

Back to the computer,  Picked the best photos to upload to Flickr, friends-locked them because I don't have the model release yet, and deleted the bad jpgs, but not the raw files.

Feeling very tired, need to take drugs and go to sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
re-pot the Thai lime tree
maybe see Yeomen at Stanford
5:30 coffee with Janice

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