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Rain Rain

Okay, the gardens are watered, you can cut it out now. Once a week is all they need.
First thing I saw online this morning was a note from my oldest first cousin saying his mother died. She was my Mom's little sister. Funeral in NYC Tuesday, I won't be able to go, but Baltimore sister will. Seattle sister is retired now, she may go a few months later for the stone unveiling. Aunt was always elegant, she paid a lot of attention to makeup and clothes, but didn't go overboard. Her husband passed away in 2013, and she hasn't been the same since. She had a stroke last week, went into hospice a few days ago.
Still fighting Windows7 which refuses to connect to my NAS drive. I can ping it, http to it, but not map it. It doesn't show up on my network map. Updated the router and NAS firmware, no improvement.

Raining too hard to go outside and beat the soil off the Thai lime tree's roots. Maybe tomorrow.

Went to Stanford to see The Yeomen of the Guard. Between the rain, not remembering the shortcut, and roads being blocked by construction which used to be another shortcut, it took almost an hour to get there. And then parking - no spaces at all in the lots around the auditorium, almost gave up until I found one up the hill by the new jogging train.

I directed this show for them 20 years ago, and while I did a crappy job, the cast was amazing, except for one role I miscast because I confused two names, and the set was the p-roduct of 2 master carpenters and a couple of talented scenic artists and a whole bunch of volunteers. Including me. I was hoping to see a better show than the one I had messed up.

It was so bad I left at intermission. Even though I really wanted to see what they did with the finale, which was one scene in my show which worked excellently. The set was crap. Horrible paint job which looked nothing like the Tower. They chose to set the whole show in the inside Tower courtyard, though the script calls for it to be in the village square. Right at the start they set up an executioner's block, but it was positioned in a way which didn't allow room for the executioner. Almost stayed to see how they resolved that, too.

Costumes were miserable, except for the Guard outfits which the troupe has owned for a long time. One leading lady had a fantastic voice, but no articulation and not enough projection. The other leading lady was loud but coarse. The leading men were pretty good,  except for the Sgt., who couldn't act. And especially Jack Point, who was played by a Peter Pan-sized woman and the part was upped an octave. Couldn't hear her, either. The ensemble dance was reduced to one very large lady dancing with one very petite woman who had been cast in a man's role.  And so on. Very small ensemble, lots of missed notes all around.  The Act 1 finale sounded good, but it was not enoughy to lure me back.

Act I ran from 2:10 pm (they started late) until 3:30. Counting intermission, it looked like I might be late for my coffee date in Mountain View, and I was hungry, and there is a Panda Express in Tressider Hall across the way.

So I bought some dinner to go, did not find a place to sit inside, or a place outside which was not being rained on, so I walked back to the car and ate most of it there.

Got to MV an hour early, and had to amuse myself with the phone and the Yeomen program, because I had forgotten to pack a laptop or a tablet.

Janice was on time, but had to leave early. She is on her way to Iceland tomorrow.

Home, took out the garbage, then drove to F&E for eggs and mango bits.

Hard boiled the eggs for b'fast next week. Warmed up the Panda meal for dinner, and had mango bits for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:

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