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Stuff Accomplished

Slept well, for a change. Okay, I woke up at 2 am because my brain would not rest until I ordered the electric cordless screwdriver & extra rechargeable batteries which had been on the whiteboard all week after the old one started falling apart. But I only woke up once, at about 5, and then when the alarm went off at 7:30.

Which raises another issue about Thing I Ned To Buy. The lovely CD/Radio/Clock alarm I recently bought, the 3rd in the series, is a FAIL. When the alarm goes off, it stops displaying the time. It displays the radio station or the CD track number which was playing for the alarm function. And it plays whatever it was set on last.

So, if I am tuned to KGO, radio 810, when the alarm goes off at 7:30, the first thing I see is "810" and I panic, thinking I'm way late. There is a button to push to show the time, but in 3 seconds it goes back to displaying the current radio station. There is no way to override that.

And the audio is poor and the AM stations don't tune in well.

What it had going for it is the alarm could program the volume, and the display was just the right non-brightness. And the right size. And the CD loading was easy.

So, off to work almost on time, delayed a bit by some Facebook stuff which needed to be done. And some email around my aunt's death. Seems with the snow storm, her son in PA can't get to the funeral in NYC Tuesday. Jewish law allows for a delayed funeral under such conditions, but knowing him, he'll try to get there. I would like to have gone, she was very special to me, but there are no flights, etc. The plan for my sisters and I is to be there for the stone unveiling later in the year.

Got email from the auditions, I have been cast in the ensemble role I wanted. One of my favorite people from that group posted on FB she did not get the part she wanted. I'm not surprised. I don't think her voice is strong enough for this un-miked show. It certainly is beautiful enough, and so is she. I hope she is at least in the chorus, though maybe she won't accept a small part since she has a horrible nasty commute.

Team meeting was attended by the VP of engineering, who used to be boss' boss. Now he is raised to the power of boss. Boss pointed out some good stuff I've been doing, despite not having a machine to do it on.

Not much else to say about work.

Lunch at Togo's, daily deal pastrami. Minimal eye candy.

Just as I was ready to bail early, one of the team asked me to set him up with a feature which is my specialty. Some of my cases were re-assigned to him.

Straight home, expecting the speaker bar to be waiting for me since it went out for delivery at 6 am. Nope. No packages at all. But in the mailbox was the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, which I was not expecting because I let my subscription end. Irony is that the reason I let it expire was it was supposed to have started with last year's swimsuit edition, but they never sent a print copy, they only gave me access to the online version. In some ways that was better, it had videos, but it's awkward to watch those in bed.

After recovering from a day where I was dizzy a lot of the time while standing up (diabetes-related blood pressure issue) I took the Thai lime tree ouot back, knocked all the (wet) dirt off of it, took it back inside and re-planted it in a larger pot in citrus formula potting soil. And watered it a little.

One more item off the white board.

Took the kitchen curtains out of the dryer, sorted them by size (no biggie, only 2 sizes) when there was a poundung on the door behind me - UPS never seems to find the door bell - and there was the speaker bar in a box. That UPS guy must be an Olympic sprinter because by the time I opened the door, he was in the truck, gunning the motor. 25 yards in 2.6 seconds.

Set that aside, hung many fewer curtains than I had put up a year ago, just enough for privacy. Left the three bay windows clear on top, the curtains get in the way of the hanging vines (and now I need one or two more for the center section). Put all short curtains in the lower half, so Spook can get to the ledges more easily.

So I have a pile of curtains which will probably be on the next Goodwill run.

Next, watched and episode of Shark Tank. Three guys from Nepal insisted that they had made millions selling yak cheese dog chew bars. From their spiel, it was clear these were really for humans, they just needed to be soak-softened, but by calling them dog treats they avoided the FDA. But there aren't enough people from Nepal in the US for those numbers to be right. They didn't get an investment because nobody believed the $15 million valuation. And they wanted the money to pay themselves.

Finally got to the PC, took apart the Bluetooth speaker set and boxed it, and set up the sound bar. Took a minute to match the right optical line with the PC's sound settings, but it sounds good. And doesn't shut itself off. Surround effect works for audio which has surround support, but echoes for stereo stuff, so I'll keep it off.

Dinner was frozen lasagna and mango bits, appropriately reheated.

Someone posted a pretty good video of Chris & Vanessa's wedding. It is not your grandfather's wedding.  I'll try to embed it here:

<iframe width="490" height="370" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YiMSUGXEkvk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" data-link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiMSUGXEkvk"></iframe>

Chris I have known for years, through basfa. Vanessa is legendary, and I was amazed to find her working a few feet away from me 3+ years ago when I did a short term contract at Tivo.

Neurologist emailed that my B6 levels are too high, and that could account for many of the symptoms I was complaining about. Of course the two things I like the most to snack on, bananas and pistachios, are the highest in B6. :-(

Got pieces of paper from my dental insurance Saturday and today, showing how much it would cost to get new dentures. These ones are 5 years old and need replacing. Pretty affordable. $500 for the uppers and about $700 for the lowers. It looks like that is after deductible. 

Plans for tomorrow:

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