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Serial surgical shopping after work wore me out, had to lie down for half an hour.

But first
Work was productive, filed two bugs, one made it in the other was a case of the way they implemented the feature required a secret decoder ring.
Listened to three Thai CDs, recordings of a live "Divas and Supermen" concert - 3 CDs. The idea was to find singers I liked, and order their albums. Will have to look with a magnifying glass (the song list on the back is tiny) but even without that I recognized two of the songs were by a female duo I already have all their CDs. Oddly named New & Jew. Neither name means in Thai what it does in English. Beautiful voices, great harmonies and excellent accompanists. Actually, I think one of the is the accompanist.

Toward the end of the day attacked a paperwork project which was supposed to match specs with test cases. I was given a list of specs which the database software said were not associated with any tests. But most of them were, and it was all one test. It's a long story.

Lunchtime I wanted to go somewhere nearby but new to me, so I asked Google maps, and it found a Mongolian grill I had never noticed. It's buried in a tiny strip with a travel agency and a karaoke bar, both Korean. I got there a little after 1, it took 15 minutes to get to the head of the line. They stop serving lunch at 2. Very nice people, good layout for the seating area and the food line. Strange to hear the grillers speaking Spanish. I will be back.

After work, first stop Fry's, returned the Creative bluetooth speakers. Next stop Lowe's, bought two hanging plants, self-watering pots for them, four downsized CFL 100W equiv bulbs, and something like Drano for toilets. Don't ask.

Next stop, The French Store to exchange my SodaStream cannister for a charged one ( always do this when I pop a new one into the unit). They were out. Bought some iron tablets and a box of ManyDings.

Home, on the carport steps was a big box with a pair of torchiere lamps inside. Movers have broken the shades on two of mine, and a year of trying has failed to locate replacements for less than the cost of a whole lamp.

On the front steps was a box with a new B&D electric screwdriver and rechargeable battery. I was surprised it also had a charger and a set of bits.

Nothing by the kitchen door.

Coastal Rep is doing a show I've wanted to see for a long time because one of my LA theater friends has clips of her in it on her sample "reel". I bought a ticket for Sunday matinée. Also have "Curtains" to go to in Saratoga Saturday night. Lots of friends in that.  

Last night I looked through the very many-paged Sports Illustrated "swimsuit" issue. Two things:
1. The photography was meh. Poses were mostly artsy fartsy and did not show off the models or the outfits
2. Most of the models were not wearing swim suits. Most wore bikini bottoms, some wore nothing. Only one suit caught my eye as being "designer" and it pulled the eye away from what a swimsuit should pull your eye toward.
You may have seen the TV "news" reports showing the cover, with uptight people ranting about how the model is pulling her very small bikini bottoms low enough to know what kind of wax job she has. Unfortunately for me, that portion is blanked out by the mailing label. Except it's not a removable label, it's a white patch on the image, they direct print the mailing address.

Plans for tomorrow:
Set up the lamps


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