Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Cast List was sent to us

But they have not yet cast several of the leads. After the director Facebooking and the producer emailing what a wealth of talent came for auditions, this is troubling. It either means they did not have a vast amount of talent, or it means they have not yet decided between two or three equally vastly talented competitors, or it may mean (and this happens a lot in G&S) that their first choices said no, or realized that opening night was their Carnegie Hall concert, or their turn to floss the cat. Or water the tree they planted in Israel.

The ensemble list looks complete, though. Looking at the list, I have only been onstage with one of the leads - I actually gave him his first G&S lead 20 years ago. Women's ensemble I only recognize three names, One was in Bridge of Doom with me and happens to be SF writer Connie Willis' daughter, the other was a dancer in Babes in Toyland. The third name is the FB pen name of a long-time friend from Bay Area cons but I don't think it's her because (a) she lives in SF and works nurse's hours and (b) there is a guy in the male ensemble with the same last name. As for the men's chorus, only one familiar name, a friend from sci-fi cons who took my advice to try out for Gaslighter Theater a LONG time ago, and he blames me for being bit by the theater bug.

We have a while. Rehearsals are not till April.

Work went from total boredom to panic. I was supposed to start a new project in the morning but the software didn't arrive till afternoon, and even then I needed Automation Guy to put it on a server I could download from. And to add to the delay, I had a late lunch, got back at 3.

One reason lunch ran late is I drove to Svale Best Buy to buy another CD/clock radio. Memorex this time. Set it up hoping to listen to a CD while I unwrapped the shirts, but the labels on the buttons are too small to read without glasses and holding the radio up to my face. The one big fail i it has an analog tuner, so no presets. But the clock display is perfect. I haven't listened to the radio yet, don't know if it AMs well. Did finally play CD a little, sounds good.

Lunch was at the Crazy Buffet, which has a lot of stuff I like. There was serious eye candy too.

Finished the project before writing my weakly retort. Another one was added to that new software, and I was able to set up the test most of the way because I was leaving late to not get caught in the worst rush hour traffic on my way to the other side of Santa Clara County for the SJ Astronomical Assn meeting. It was a beginners' class on the night sky. I arrived 10 minutes early and as has happened most of the times I have gone, the door was still locked.

The class started 15 minutes late, but people kept arriving clear up till 7:45. They really ought to change their start time to 7:30.

He did a decent job, and focused on the many children in the audience. He had a few handouts which were very informative but totally sucked as far as readability goes.

The plan was that after the class we would all go out to the tennis courts where members had set up telescopes (Venus was very bright, and mercury was naked eye-able) and there was no moon. But there was only one scope out there, except it was not set up yet. So I left.

Home, lots of deliveries. Towels, which need to be washed before they fluff out. CD for Iolanthe. That's the show I was cast in. Two proof sets of the mint's 2015 America The Beautiful quarters, one for me and one for baby sister. I started collecting these when they started the 50 states quarters, which took 10 years, but the series was so popular that they went on to do territories and national parks and who knows what else. The first year they came out around June, sis's birthday, but they gradually got it together and it gets earlier each year. And two more shirts, deep blue and burgundy, to replace ones which have faded and will go to Goodwill, maybe tomorrow. As I did all this in the bedroom, Spook hung out on the bed and now and then took a nibble from the packaging.

Shirts in the dryer got another spin, and are now in the basket on the bed.

At about 6 am I woke up to take a leak and Spook was lying on the bed not quite against my side, but close enough to pet. By the time I got back from the loo she was gone. Minor progress. I'll take it, but it is still frustrating.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ranch 99 in Milpitas for the curry and dim sum the close-by market didn't have.
Maybe Costco for string cheese and American cheese and maybe sausages.
Listen to the Iolanthe CD while looking at the book.
Curtains closing show at Saratoga.


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