Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Late For what I planned.

When I bought the ticket for the show in Half Moon Bay, I expected it to be winter. In winter, when there is no sun, maybe fog, probably some precip, it takes about 45 minutes to get there from Sunnyvale. Today the sun was out, it was 76° at the beach, and everyone in Norther California was going there. I left at noon for a 2 pm show, allowing an extra 15 minutes and time for a snack. Got there at 1:45, with a sunburn. 

I saw a show called "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change", which was not about the title at all, really. It was a series of skits and musical numbers about dating, and being married. The title came from the final number, but the song itself was too short, it was mostly the title.

Two numbers impressed me. "I Will Be Loved Tonight" sung by a woman who, in the previous skit,  asserted herself into a sexual relationship after an LJBF.  And "Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You?" sung by husband, over matching bowls of cereal and coffee cups, at his newspaper-absorbed wife.

The four cast members were ringers, not locals, which is a shame because HMB does have the talent.

Lots of laughs. Would probably have been more if the one guy who didn't project had a working mike for the whole show. Too many quick costume changes to wear body mikes, but they did anyway.

Return trip the plan was to refuel the car and myself, in that order, but traffic was so bad that there was no way to get to the gas station I wanted, but I did make it to the Burger King for something resembling dinner, and then took the scenic route, which started out fine, but as soon as we got to Moss Beach it was slow slow stop slow. My first time through the new tunnel, which had a narrow right line reserved for maintenance but it could have been used for traffic. The monster truck behind me kept making moves in that direction. A couple of bikers did use it.

I wanted to go up the hill from Pacifica, but my GPS failed me. After sending me up the right hill,. it sent me on several turns and back to Hwy 1. Had to go all the way past Daly City to pick up 280 and back home. Left HMB at 6, got home at 8:30.

Garbage day tomorrow, I had a large pile of boxes to flatten and bale for recycling.

And now I need to replace the in-dash GPS/receiver again. Going to find a dealer who can put in a Kenwood. They have the best GPS, and online reviews say they finally fixed the reboot issue.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe BASFA, maybe not. There were 3 conventions this weekend, people will be reporting on them, it will be crowded, I think. 

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