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Spook is owning the bed more. Still not sleeping there, but when I go into the bedroom she usually jumps right up. And she is starting to recognize her name. And she has even jumped up onto the bed when I called her. But she still doesn't stay long.

Team meeting at work today was sparse. Most of the people with kids took PTO for the holiday which the company doesn't give us. No holidays from MLK Day until Memorial Day. I think that's a crock.

Managed to kill my oldest model machine trying to reproduce something for a document I was writing, forgetting that old model did not ship without an IP address like the new model. Good thing nobody else is using the old model, I was able to swipe a memory card from another machine and get it going.

Which is good because in addition to the doc, I had a bug fix to verify. It needed me to down-date the machine to the earlies available release, set up some video feeds, make a note of what the inputs and outputs said they were, and then update two times more, each time making the same notes. Typed them into Excel, because it wouldn't make sense to do it by hand. Not with 14 ins and outs.

Finished the tally at quitting time, am not sure if what I saw was a fix or a different failure. Have to talk to the engineer tomorrow.

While I was being stymied, I went online looking for a Kenwood in-dash GPS/AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth unit with a motorized display and iPod & steering wheel control cables which supports my Kenwood backup camera. Timing was right, the 2015 models are on their way to stores, the 2014 models are on sale, and I found a refurbished one for a less than obscene price. Did not want to pay $40 for expedited shipping, but they are in LA, so I expect to see it by the end of the week. Best Buy will probably get to install it. I don't think Fry's does installs for units not bought there, and the places which installed for me in the past either messed up, took way too long or are too tough to get to/park at.

Home after work, new radio delivered, this one without CD player. Not sure it it's a keeper. I was expecting an amber display, this one is blue, and looks to be too bright. Easy to set up, though. Bad buzz on the higher AM stations - did not get that at all on the models from that company at Fry's. I can rotate the unit to get rid of the buzz, but then the display is pointed at the door and not me. Not sure what the source of the noise is.

BASFA meeting was very sparsely attended, but fun. The Woman Who Interrupts was as annoying as usual. The Very Annoying Massaging Woman was not there, neither were most of the people who sit in the booths carrying on their own conversations. The newlyweds were missing. :-(

My rumor of the week won a hotly contested battle. I think about $50 went into the jars. Mostly the Secret Jar, which will go to our long time amazing waitress, who apparently is leaving after next week.

Home, bought tickets for two shows next week, and signed up for a photo shoot in March at a studio which has been closed for remodeling for a few months. Hazel-eyed redhead model from across the Bay. Very reasonable fee.

Also marked Saturday's rocket launch at NASA on my calendar. A chance to see how the new camera holds up, and also to pay my dues for 2015.

One of these days I need to launch a rocket or three.

Plans for tomorrow:


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