Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Doesn't Feel Like Almost Midnight

Because I took a nap at about 6:30. Left work a little early to beat the Costco crowds and because none of the people I needed to show me how to use the video timing analyzer were in today.

Bought everything on my list, somehow avoided all the post-VD sale stuff which was not really discounted.

Home, put the groc away and went to bed. Slept till 8:30.

Last night when I went to sleep, Spook had claimed the right 2/3 of the bed and had gone to sleep splayed out to her full height/width. She was still there when I fell asleep, which was a first. But she wasn't when I woke up to pee at 5 am.
My Canon printer may need replacing. It's the gravity feed one I use for labels, since the Epson wireless has that funky dual-side printing feature which means it feeds the paper from a bottom tray, and bends it in half to print to the upper output tray. It's also a scanner, and CD/DVD printer so it has earned its keep. Tonight it took 5 deep cleanings and a new black ink cartridge and still couldn't print a black ink address label. Finally had to print it in purple. Once Inkjet printers get clogged, it's curtains for them. I've had this one about 4 years. Now I need to online hunt for a replacement.

The label I was printing was for my sort-of-sister sort of sister-in-law in the UK. I bought Hazel a Dr. Who themed charm bracelet as a gift partly for putting me up in her London B&B for a night and partly for just being awesome. The story is Plan A did not include seeing her, I was supposed to go right from France to my cousin Brian's house in Bucks, fairly close to Heathrow. Hazel is Brian's sister in law. But Hazel also would pass for my middle sister's sister, and they get on so well they have declared themselves sisters. and I have no objection to that at all. So I did not bring her a gift, wanted to get her something special, so I mailed her the bracelet from here. So she and her (real) sister both email me that the phone booth charm is not a Doctor Who police box, it is a plain old London telephone booth. My favorite jeweler has been up to her ass in alligators, so I punted and bought a charm online, and am sending it to her.
Just was jarred by hugely loud noise from the TV. Why do all the late night talk shows feel compelled to compensate for the host's lack of manhood and confidence by stoking the audience with a professional fluffer, followed by cacophony from a collection of people with allegedly musical instruments attempting to break studio decibel records? Fallon and Kimmel make me want to puke. Letterman puts me to sleep, but that's his job. I am, however, ever so glad Fat Boy is off the air. Who Leno blew to get and keep that gig will some day turn up in an autobiography. Probably not his.

I keep forgetting this: when I walked out on the Stanford G&S travesty, and went across to Tressider for a bite, I was shocked and amazed that they had sold out. Used to be a University-run cafeteria and a student coffee shop which served some food. Now it is all commercial. Subway, Panda Express, Starbucks. Hmm. Somehow I remember typing this before. I am old and forget stuff.

Plans for tomorrow:
Optometry appointment at 10 am. First one ever. Until my last ophthalmology exam, I had better than 20-20 vision all my life. Apparently my left eye is now 20-40. Maybe that's been causing the headaches. Maybe I need prescription reading glasses for the computer.
Work, time depending on eye dilation.
Sunnyvale Library has a presentation at 7 on financial planning.

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