Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not A Sound From The Pavement

Started the day at Kaiser optometry. My first ever optometry exam. I've always been the guy who could read that highway sign a mile away, or tell if the marker buoy was red or green before anyone else could even see it. Results of the exam is there is a touch of astigmatism in my left eye and half as much in my right, which means now I'm the guy who can read the highway sign from 5275 feet away with my right eye, and about 5200 feet away with my left. Both eyes are still 20-20.

No dilation, so I went straight to the office from there. There was work to do. I had to Officially Approve a document my boss put my name on as co-author because I wrote about half of it. And there was a bug to file and a test case to fail because of the bug. Nit really fair, because it had passed previously, but then the specs were changed. :-(

Spent most of the day working this one issue on the old machine, hampered by it dropping offline repeatedly. Turns out the machine next to it had the same IP address. Fixed that and I think tomorrow I can mark that issue fixed.

Lunch at Mongolian BBQ again. The hostess (who may also be the owner) has such a sweet face & demeanor. And the food is excellent. On the way back to work stopped in at Petco and bought three big bags of Whiskas Temptations treats. The multi-pack I ordered from Amazon is stuck in the snow somewhere. Spook loved them so much she rubs her neck against the bag as I'm pouring.

Got a UPS notice that the replacement in-dash unit will be delivered tomorrow. Made an appointment at Best Buy in MV to have it installed (they no longer do those in Sunnyvale) and the ETA is 3.5 hours, but they did not give me a chance to note that they ill be removing a unit, and also hooking up the already-in-place backup camera. I'll phone them tomorrow. I'll take the afternoon off work for this, I can hang out at the Starbucks. Or maybe go across the street and wander Costco. That always kills time.

After work, straight to Sunnyvale library for a financial planning talk. Got there 1/2 an hour early, expecting a big crowd, but they had not opened the room yet. Finally opened at 6:45 for a 7pm program, the speaker did not get there till 5 till, looking like she knew she was late. Very attractive woman, redhead by choice, thick Eastern European accent and she spoke quickly, so I didn't catch everything she said. But the bottom line is she recommends exactly the investment strategy I am using.

Home, was reminded by johno's FB posts of his 2,358 course meal at Chef Chu's that it be Gung Hay Fat Chance, so I steamed up some roast duck, Ha Gow and BBQ pork from Ranch 99 for dinner. Earlier I hard boiled a dozen eggs. Diabetes Doc says have an egg for breakfast if I'm also having a banana. For protein, I think he said.

Watched an episode of Sports Something on the NFL channel, recorded by accident when I asked for a season pass for the NFL Combine shows this week. Sam time, same channel, different days. Also TMZ.

Plans for tomorrow:

Lots of meetings at work
Photoshop panel at CHM (I may need to be late, have to stop off at home and collect $1k of deliveries)

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