Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Yesterday's Gone

I forget who sang that song, I always liked the tune & the sound of the lyrics, but not the message.
I loved you all the summer through
I thought I'd found my dream in you
For me you were the one
But that was yesterday and yesterday's gone

Chad & Jeremy?

So yesterday was another of those Work, rush home, rescue packages from the stoop, rush off to an event, return home, do stuff with some of the stuff from the packages, realize it is 1:30 am because that's when the lights are programmed to all shut off, and not have time to journalize. Journalficate?

So, Thursday. It was a busy work day, I had reached my limit of expertise troubleshooting a critical bug on the old model, boss let me hijack our best analyzer guy, who set up the final test, and showed me bug and that the fix worked. Once the analyzer was set up, it was easy to see what was going on. Analyzer guy suggested we keep running the test at least overnight, longer if possible, so I let it run and went on to another project of writing a test case to cover a bug which was fixed in the current model. Needed to ask the engineer who fixed it how to find a hidden feature on the box. Lately they have started hiding things under right-clicks, totally non-intuitive.

By 6 pm it was clear this was a TBC project.

Home, three deliveries, about $1200 combined value, UPS guy had done the genius thing of putting them on the side of th4e carport steps which could not be seen from the street. This happens rarely, but this time was a very Good Thing.

Just enough time to open the boxes to make sure one of them had the car in-dash unit. Spook kept getting in the way, splaying out on her back on the welcome mat inside the carport door.

Gave her some treats, but she came right back. She is the only cat I have had who doesn't stay at the treat dish until all of them are vacuumed up.

Back to the car, drove to MV the Computer History Museum for a panel consisting of the museum CEO interviewing the two creators of Photoshop plus two of the Adobe managers who helped acquire and evangelize it. One of the best CHM panels ever. Especially interesting is the creators continue to head the development, and Adobe CEO was in the front row, being interactive when moderator or panelists called him out.

One very sad moment for me was when the moderator asked for all the Photoshop developers in the audience to stand up, and they were almost all white males. There is something seriously WRONG with that picture.

The creativity manager/evangelist was dressed in what looked like Elizabethan garb, flared pantaloons, ruffed collar over a black velvet blouse with white linen sleeve panels. But on closer look, two parchment panels, vertical, on either side of the shirt buttons were printed with a period style font. It was advertising for his workshop on fonts, or something like that.

Home after, set up the wireless gravity feed printer and tested it on card stock (works great!). Messed some more with the backup NAS  device, still no joy.

My car is done. That's it for yesterday...

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