Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Today, early edition

Too-lateness is catching up with me, going to bed soon.

Started the day early to work, to find as I feared that the manager of the other QA group had shut down the analyzer I was expecting to check, so that he could run his own tests. No need to do that, he could easily have just minimized the window.

Finished writing the test case I started yesterday, which brought me close enough to noon to leave for Mountain View.

The tech at Best Buy understood what was to be done, sharp lad, name on his jumpsuit was Steve_O. He figured 2 hours, even though the official ETA was 3.5.

Went across the way to a new Eric's deli, had some mediocre clam chowder and a well meated but overly dressinged and somewhat soggy Reuben.

Had the Nexus and finished reading one story from the Megapack. Started another before lunch was done. So much eye candy! Then to Starbucks, wrote the last LJ entry on my laptop there. More eye candy. Call from Best Buy, he was done. Less than 2 hours. Didn't even finish my mocha. Completely forgot my plan to stop in at BB&B for towels.

Parked in the lot for about 20 minutes, adjusting preferences on the new unit, paired my phone, added radio presets, but could not read the screen well because it was too dim, and there was no brightness control I could see.

Home, adjusted some more things. Entered the location as Home, and also entered Work location. Will probably re-do that Monday from the back parking lot where I usually park.

Inside, gave Spook treats, and fired up the laptop to see how to boost the brightness on the car unit. Found something right away, went out to the car and it didn't work. It was simple, it said on any screen, press and hold in the lower left. But on all the screens I tried, lower left was a button top return to the previous menu. Back to the PC, downloaded new firmware, burned it onto a USB drive because it said an SD card wouldn't work. Out to the car, there was no USB cable or connector. The iPod cable used to have a Y, but this one doesn't. I'll have to RTFM some more, may need to schedule to have a USB cable installed (the port is in the back, but there may only be one). One improvement over past machines is this one lets me connect bluetooth audio with the phone without unplugging the iPod in the glove compartment.

While I was out there I pulled up the backup camera settings page, because this unit actually has a neat feature that you can toggle through several views, including a split screen which shows traffic left and right approaching behind. And I pressed the lower left of the screen because there was no button there, and Yay! Brightness control! I boosted it to max and also upped the contrast a notch. And now I could see all the screens, even in the sun glare.

That done, grabbed the box to drop off at UPS to return crappy towel set to Amazon. Amazon's return label program sucks, it prints the label in the center of a full 8.5x11 page instead of in the top half like USPS, UPS and eBay do. I have pre-scored adhesive labels expecting only half a page to print. So I had to try to fit the two sides together and missed by a little.

UPS man at the counter couldn't scan it, and sent me away to reprint. But then I remembered I had a scanable label in email on my phone, so I went back inside. The woman at the other counter looked at the label on the box, entered some numbers from it into her computer, and printed a receipt for me. Didn't need the phone image at all. I hope she trains the guy.

Next to UPS is a café which sells the most amazing Napoleons, I bought 2.

Home, more treats for Spook, did some Facebooking (some bozo was claiming Edison owned Westinghouse Co.).

Watched last week's Elementary, I'm pretty sure this one was directed by Lucy Liu because it was more about her than it should have been, but she showed off some fine acting skilz. I still can't understand leading man without subtitles. So many fine actors who can enunciate, why could they not have picked one? Pretty much all the other regulars in the cast speak clearly.

Watched a wee bit of the NFL combine, but this one was all big guys, a waste of time running them in 10 and 40 yard dashes. No way do they run those distances IRL. Will watch the rest later (punching bag drills, real big man stuff).

Dinner was a small pot roast frozen meal and 2 Napoleons for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
NASA for the LUNA rocket launch, with the new Nikon & lens. Also will renew my membership.
Library at 1 for a master gardener talk on growing citrus plants. Maybe I can get clues on how to make the Thai lime healthier.



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