Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Busy Day

But first, a happy birthday wish for the always elegant quadrivium, even though it is tomorrow where she lives.
Had a good night's sleep. This time Spook was in the bed twice when I woke up, but each time she bailed by the time I got back from the bathroom. She was not there when it was final wakeup time, for some reason the webcams showed her on the welcome mat by the carport door.

Got to NASA at about 10 am, paid my annual dues for the LUNAR rocket club, and went to take some photos. Lots of middle school aged kids sitting on the concrete in rows of their own making, each row representing a different rocket project.  But I did not see them shoot off any rockets. They may have got there before their equipment. There were a bunch of cub scout leaders too. While it was not as crowded as usual, they had changed the layout of the launch pads making it impossible for photographing all but the biggest two sets of rockets. And there were a lot of inconsiderate, brain-challenged people walking where they shouldn't, and there was no traffic control at all.

I wanted to stay longer, but my tummy said no. There are no porta potties or public restrooms (that I know of) on the base. I made it home just in time to not have to do laundry. Barely.

Thought about going back, but there was no point with the way things were laid out. And it meant I could take some lactose-killers and immodium. Plus I had another thing to go to.

1 pm, Sunnyvale library, Santa Clara County master gardeners gave a talk on growing citrus trees locally. Very good presentation for outdoor growing, and just enough on container planting for me to get some clues. Ducked out just before the talk ended because the drugs had not quite taken effect. Long wait for the loo, there's only one, and only one stall. :-(

Went back, and waited about 10 minutes as people showed samples of defective citrus leaves and branches to the lecturer. I asked her about my Thai lime tree, and it happens that she has one also, so she was able to give me two pieces of advice:
1. Water it more
2. Put it outside in the sun

Stopped off at Target hoping to get a bottle of SodaStream ginger ale mix, but they were out, and it was $3 more than all the other flavors. Got 2 liters of Canada Dry diet instead, and also a pair of bags of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate mint squares because they were on a 2-fer sale, and as everyone knows, mint is a good tummy soother. And on my way passed by the shelf with coconut milk, which reminded me that I have about 2 liters of that in the fridge, and it is unbeatable for tummy issues.

Home, poured some ice into a glass and poured ginger ale over the ice. Gave Spook some treats and went out onto the porch with the drink. Beautiful day, in the 70s, nice breeze, nearly cloudless sky, crescent moon visible. Just as I sat down, a hummingbird came to the feeder.

Went back inside, brought out the tripod, got the camera out of the trunk of the car, got the remote out of the camera bag and set up to shoot hummers.

It needed a lot of patience because the feeder quadrant of choice was mostly the one on the other side of the feeder from the camera, but the Nikon was still set for super-fast shutter repeat from the LUNAR shoot, and I did eventually get some good shots when birds came to the near side quadrant.

It was getting on toward sundown, and there was a single wispy cirrus cloud which looked like it would make a good sunset photo, but by the time the sun went down the cloud had dissipated too much.

While I was waiting for hummingbirds, I saw a seagull chase off a hawk. Too high up for photos.

Checked the mail, my 1099 finally arrived. So now I can do a preliminary TurboTax pass.

Dinner was the last of the BBQ pork and some reheated roast duck on a sourdough English muffin. Dark chocolate mint squares for dessert. Watched the recording of about half of today's NFL combine, which is too hung up on 40 yard dash. The star QB with a past who was supposed to speak to the press yesterday but put it off by claiming he needed more medical testing, got up there and gave the lame "let's not talk about the past, let's talk about my gaining the coaches' trust in the future".  The bozoids who MC the TV side of the show rated him #1 QB despite his having lost to Oregon, and the Oregon QB beating him on every event and in every category.

After dinner it was coconut milk (sipping some as I type) and walnuts.

Meanwhile, Spook is under the desk grooming herself. She does that a lot, which is great because she is always so clean.

Plans for tomorrow:

Enjoy the morning sun
Matinee of Sunnyvale children's production of The Little Mermaid (daughters of the LSOH music director are in it)
Take out the garbage

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