Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feels like Saturday

Very strange night. Spook slept on the bed most of the night, I woke up at 3 am and she was on the far side, close enough to pet. 4 am I woke up with an OCD/low blood sugar combo. I needed to find out when I could take the car back to Best Buy to have a USB cable installed and the in-dash unit re-positioned. Tried to do it on the tablet, but the app didn't support appointments. Was feeling hot and fidgety, Hgl was 67. ate some oreos and chocolate mint squares and maybe also a Klondike bar. I was so out of it.

Back in bed, Spook hopped up and parked herself between my feet. Had to push her away so I could roll over. When I woke again at about 6:30 she had gone elsewhere.

Stayed in bed till 10 to make up for the extra hour awake.

Took my time, tried some more things online, still cannot get the NAS to connect, ran a memory test on it, but had to leave before it was done.

1 pm showing of Sunnyvale's childrens production of The Little Mermaid, Jr. Two casts of 26 kids each, I went to see the one with the music director's girls in it. The show moved along very well, many set changes but they were all simple, and mostly done by the cast. Very well directed, except for one thing. Every cast member was miked, but whoever was running the mike board mostly did not turn them on. And a couple were crackling. The only person whose mike always worked was the only person who didn't need one, and they had her amped up the wazoo. So the director fail in this show was not teaching the kids to project, and to always speak like there's no mike. And the lady in the back row is mostly deaf. That was one of the first things I was taught, my first and only show as a child. Fifth grade, I think, I played the 2nd biggest part in the synagogue's Passover play, a musical written by the cantor, who also brought us to NYC to record it. I don't think I ever got a copy, but I still have the script. There was no such thing as personal mikes back then, we had to project.

I enjoyed it for what it was: a children's show on a shoestring budget with limited talent. I may go to see the other cast, mostly to see if they figure out the mikes, and to see if the other cast is any better. Probably not, because today's was also the opening night cast. I think the second cast may also be younger.

But it was good to see the music director and his amazing wife. He was Little Shop's music director, and it was his two girls I had come to see.

Janice was recovering from a trip to Iceland, not up for meeting for coffee, so I took some Starbucks over to her place and got the travelogue from her, and other stuff we talk about.

Home, took out the garbage, chatted with a neighbor who was passing by on her nightly walk around the park. Spook was in the kitchen window looking like the diva she is, and neighbor complimented her. She had not noticed a cat before, probably because Spook is not in the window all that much. Spook usually watches me put out the garbage, though.

Dinner was steamed ha gow and Penang meatballs from the freezer. Yum. Turned on the TV and saw Julia hand the best score Oscar to Budapest, I was so glad it did not go to the horrible space movie score. The same composer also was nominated for The Imitation Game.

That was all the gold statue farce I could stand, watched two TMZ episodes instead, and some of the QB/wide receivers Combine with the sound off. The commentators were carrying on their own private conversation, not following what was being shown at all, and talking over the coaches on the field who were miked and should have been listened to.

Time to take meds and go to bed. Monday coming up too soon.

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