Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I've Had Worse Days

Mondays especially.

No Spook on the bed last night. :-(

Slept well.** Had the alarm set to KGO radio, because on this otherwise wonderful Sangean unit, the RFI on KLIV is insane. But it has been that way on all the radios I have tried in the bedroom.

**Except for waking up at 4 am to check something on the Internet.

In work at about 9:15, had some stuff to follow up on after being out half of Friday to get the car unit installed.

Team meeting could have been done in 20 minutes but Boss asked Automation Guys to demo their work for the other QA department. Impressive stuff, but not really applicable to our group.

Nabbed the analyzer guy, and we re-tested the thing we did Thursday. It lasted over the weekend, but then when we went to the next step, it failed. So I had to mark the bug "not fixed" and there will probably be another build. It may depend on whether the customer who filed the bug is okay with using the defaults.

The other test I started Friday needed backdating the current unit way back, testing it, then updating it to current. It failed like it was supposed to with the old build, and passed with the new build, though it took a minute to recover instead of being instant.

I am all set to go to Westercon, which is also the San Diego local con and filk con. Confirmed I had bought an early membership last December, made hotel reservations last week and then booked flights the other day, and today Boss approved the time off, which only amounted to 2 days because we get July 3 off for the 4th. I thought about taking Amtrack, but the train gets to SAN at 1 am.

Putting on my engineer's hat, I looked up RF signal strength for the local Am stations for my zip code. And have made the sad decision to take KLIV off my home listening list and replace it with a station I had never heard of, KDOW in Palo Alto, Dow as in Jones. Business station, but I am listening a 11:30 pm and they are playing a radio play from the 40's, FTW. KLIV's signal is less than 10% of KGO's, and the reliable-looking chart I found online has it tagged as unacceptable. There is one religious and two Spanish stations in the acceptable list, so I am left with only KGO, KNBR, KCBS, KDOW and KTCT (which channels KNBR often).

Have had to mostly give up on the internet radio, because they play like a podcast, beginning with a canned ad, and they play muzak instead of ads for companies which have not paid the internet fee. KOMO in Seattle is the exception.

The good news is my search for a bedroom radio is over.

Also bought a ticket for the closing show of Little Mermaid, Jr. It's the other cast.

Lunch was a panic stop at the Bad Chinese Fast Food place next to the Starbucks, because I had way overshot my morning insulin, and had an Hgl of 67 at 1 pm. And it was dropping. Panic plan A was to go to China Stix a mile further down El Camino and have some chow fun, but that was too far and not enough calories, so panic plan B was something sweet like s&s chicken and something carb like rice, and then next door for a mocha and maybe a croissant. The second part of Plan B was shot down when I noticed the reason there were lots of parking spaces available in a usually crowded lot. The Starbucks is gutted, being remodeled. Probably getting powermats, among other things.

I did not watch the Oscars live, I played selected videos on their site and on HuffPost. Not a fan of Mr. Harris, he has always struck me as personality-free. He can sing and dance and show up sober, but from Doogie Howser on he has been a cardboard cutout, not an Actor. Compare him to Tim Howard, who was able to Act from childhood, and grew up to be one of the best directors evah. But being a cardboard cutout who can sing and dance and read from a teleprompter is exactly what is called for in an MC, so I don't see why he is being panned.

C&P from FB:
A few things about the Oscars show.
Thing the first, in case of a tie, the statue goes to the movie about making movies.
Thing the second, even if it is a spoof on a movie about making movies, an MC being onstage in tightie whities is never in good taste.
Thing the third, I thoroughly enjoyed the illusion-filled, finely choreographed opening number.
Thing the fourth, Lady Gaga impressed those people who thought she was, like early Madonna, all gimmick and no voice, and while she nailed every key change and did a fine job of acting the mood of each song, she did not show the best breath control (many notes were not held as long as they should have been) and she didn't have the range to hit the final note an octave higher, as it should have been. But she had the good sense not to try. And while everyone was all WTF about the trumpet tattoo on her arm, I liked that, but WTFed about "why does it have a Harmon mute?"
And another thing, we all know why "Glory" won the best song, but as far as Gospel goes, it was pretty boilerplate.
Thing the 27th, while I am in favor of equal pay for women, the Oscars is not the place to give it a shout out, especially when you are paid more than most women in America.
Final thing, stay weird

BASFA was lightly attended at first, but by 8:30 the place was at capacity. For the first time in a while I spent all $1 of my pre-paid pun tax. Farewell to the waitress who has been sofa king amazing, a lot of cash went into the basket for her. I trust our treasurer to handle that last minute surge in his usual classy way.

Plans for tomorrow:
No plan

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