Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Year of the $heep has been good to me so far

Got a lot of work done this morning, passed a bunch of test cases on the new machine. Lunch at the Lawrence Togo's, only one eye candy experience, which is not typical. Almost went to the Great America Pkwy one, but I hate the layout. And I keep forgetting there are 3 other eateries there which I ought to go to more often. The Lawrence one is next to a CU ATM so I got some cash for a massage, maybe tomorrow after work.

1on1 with Boss, got a tedious paperwork assignment. :-(   But have to double check to confirm he needs two test cases for each one on HEVC video. That's a new format which came out a year or so ago, but has not percolated to most of the cable companies yet.

Home, grabbed the rent check and walked to the community center, dropped off the check and went into the bingo room. It's a really nice room, would be perfect for rehearsals if there was more parking, and it didn't lock up at 9.

I won the first set, which was a plain pattern, any bingo would do. I got the N row filled. And I won again two sets later, a pattern called small window frame, which fills all the spaces touching the free space. Nothing in rows B or O.  Each set paid $12. I had paid $5 for 4 cards, plus $5 for 5 50-50 tickets. 50-50, for those of you who joined late, is a deal where the winning ticket gets 50% of the pot and the house gets the other 50%. The payout for each bingo set is calculated by taking the total paid for cards and dividing it by the number of sets. I'm not sure how much the house keeps, and I think there is also some % which is paid to the door prize winner (each contestant gets one door prize ticket).

So I netted $14. I've won once before, but it was summer and not a big crowd, it only recouped my $5 card fee, plus $1.

Home, fired up Turbo Tax,  which I thought I had completed manually, but decided to be AR and have it walk me through everything. It saved me a pile of $ by prompting me to add property taxes. On top of the taxes which were paid into escrow, Santa Clara County billed me twice, for about $1250.

I was lied to, though. I was told when I bought the place the interest on the mortgage was tax deductible, but that $6k only got me about $1500 back.

As I was finishing up, with a hefty Federal and a paltry State refund, Turbo made me an offer I couldn't refuse. If I used part of the refund to buy an Amazon gift card for myself, they would add 10% to it. I signed up for $500, which will get me $550. I spend way more than that on there in a year. Would have gone for more, but want cash for new dentures.

Still can't get the Synology drive to be seen my the Windoze 7 machine as mappable, so I placed a support email "call" to Synology. They sent a "have you tried the tutorial?" boilerplate, even after I described following it and still getting the error. Boo, hiss. I await their follow up to my "yeah, I tried and here's the point where it failed".

The hard drives are fine, I'll probably end up buying another brand's 2-bay NAS enclosure and popping them in there. Meanwhile I have no backup. Grrrr.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe SJ to see some Cinequest shorts.
Maybe a massage

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