Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Backdated to Friday

Woke up with Spook close enough to pet with my right hand, at 3 am and 6 am. But after that she did her usual disappearing act, until the alarm went off, when she attacked the corner of the bed by my feet.

No goodies at work, because whomever is in charge of that had the day off, and had brought in donuts yesterday.

Not a lot to do at work, wrapped up some tests and some data housekeeping.

Lunch at China China, the Korean buffet which has sushi. Very bad sushi. No thin Korean beef slices, but the ribs were excellent for a change.

Stayed late, but got antsy after half an hour, went to the new shopping center at El Camino & Scott, got a coffee at Peet's which I tried to drink in the car, but it was truly horrible coffee. And took too long to cool off. So I drove to the Santa Clara Players theater and parked there, got out the tablet, sat on a park bench and read until it was time for the box office to open. My buddy George was there as usual, had a ticket for me. I'd paid online weeks ago. Opening night usually sells out because after there is a champagne gala, and they put out a really nice spread in a recently renovated house at which Jack London used to sit out on the veranda and write.  Lovely place, and a HUGE improvement on the tiny pavilion they used to use.

The show is an unknown called Harris Cashes Out and one reason I went is two friends (out of a cast of 4) were in it.  When I got to the theater someone I did not recognize called out to me, the director as it turns out. He knew me from a couple of benefits I did in Ben Lomand, and maybe I was at a cast party at his house once, when he directed a show my at-the-time best friend was in.

It was not ready for prime time. Lots of muffed lines, some messed up blocking. Entertaining show because of a lot of clever quips, and amusing character development. They kept the set simple, but a huge mistake the director made was having books on the shelves rearranged between scenes. It was not needed, and bogged things down a lot. May have been done to mask costume changes (there is no backstage, the dressing rooms are in a house two doors down).

I enjoyed it well enough, and by the time they have done a couple more shows it will all fit into place. After the show I talked to the cast, they agreed there was a lot of improvisation tonight, and it wasn't quite ready. No show tomorrow, next one on Sunday.

Home at 10, totally sleep deprived, in bed without even firing up the PC. Spook joined me.

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