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Slept in, till about 9. Spook did not like that one bit, she kept whining at me, and attacking the corner of the bed nearest the door. After I showered and dressed, she raced me to the treats bowl and won by about 10 seconds.

She had spent about 2/3 of the night on the bed. Yay.

Fedex had delivered a small package to my front steps last night, opened it this morning and it was an ink cartridge for a printer I have never owned. Looked at the address, and they were off by 4 houses. Takes talent to mistake 7 for 11. So first chore this morning was to walk it over to #11 and leave it on top of his mailbox.

Started a load of laundry, then my alarm reminded me to go to Murphy Street and buy some thin mints. The only Girl Scout troop selling today would be in front of a bead shop. Parked behind the stores, and kicked myself because there's a Goodwill right there and I have a pile of stuff to brig to them, and was sort of planning on doing that today.

Found the troop, and even though they were in GS green, they looked too young. Ought to have been in brownie brown at that age. They were down to the last thin mint box, so I bough it. The leader said a delivery was due within the hour, and suggested I do some shopping (it was farmer's market day on Murphy Street), so I did. After a bit of wandering I bought an allegedly sourdough baguette, to go with the assorted fowl pate. Lots of oranges of many varieties for sale too. Tempted to buy some creamed honey, but I'm trying to cut down on sweets.

Wandered back to the cookie stand, bought 3 more thin mints, and on my way out of the market bought 3 large sweet Asian pears. There was a lot of good looking fruit, but the prices were too high. I expect a direct-from-farm strawberry to cost less than Safeway, not 50% more.

Home, put stuff away, opened a document I'd made for the songwriters' meetup Tuesday and added a page with just the English translation. The first three pages have Thai, transliteration and translation a line at a time. The challenge is to write English words to the very pretty music, and retain the story line. Which is that the singer is very shy, and cannot bring herself to say That One Word to him, so she will whisper it on the wind, and maybe he will hear. The song ends with the singer blowing (into the wind, presumably). Part of the challenge is Thai songs don't rhyme, and the tempo patterns are more random than Western songs.

2 pm rolled around, I took the car to Toyota of Palo Alto. Sunnyvale messed up the last two times I took it there, and didn't have any appointments available for today. Even if they did, past experience is it's a first come attitude there. Palo Alto is a much smaller service department, but they respect appointments and do things right.

I sat in the lounge and read from the tablet, made more difficult by a Chinese man playing videos LOUDLY on his phone, and sometimes calling his wife over to watch and chatter. The car was done in record time, all free as part of the 6-month checkup.

Next stop, the Starbucks down the road a piece near Best Buy. The restroom was available, which saved me a major accident. Two Immodiums this morning did not conquer last night's gala reception. Bacon wrapped bacon, I think, and éclairs did me in. Got to remember the lactose killer pills. Instead of mocha I went for iced tea and a piece of pumpkin bread.

Drove around the back of Best Buy, a little early, Steve-O was finished with the previous appointment and waiting for the car's owner. I handed him the USB cable, and also described the screen angle issue. He was able to install the cable in a few minutes, but there wasn't much he could do to the screen mounting without building a special bracket. Looking at the unit, I can probably make a hood to block the glare.

Made a wrong turn coming out from behind the store, and ended up across the street from Orchard Supply. Parking lot was more full than usual, they were having a grand opening, the places had been remodeled closer to Lowe's floor plan. I was only in there to get a couple of planters to replace the too-small ones I have in the kitchen window. After being given totally wrong directions by a helpful staffer, I finally found them.

On to Petsmart, finally found the right filters for the cat water fountain. That ought to keep the bugs out of the main bowl. Also bought a curved scratching thingie which was excellent for guarding the foot of the bed from Spook's claws. Once again I was asked by the way too adorable Tiffany if she could help me find something. I was looking at the litter lockers, which would be an improvement over the tall kitchen trash can I'm using, but they did not come with the air filter, and the store was out of them.  

While I was out, I needed to stock up on frozen dinners, bananas and soft cheese (for the baguette). Also got a larger jar of natural peanut butter (I like the stuff, mixed with sugar free jam. Just don't like having to stir it.).

Home, unpacked everything, there was a USPS box for me on the stoop, the new shorter needle syringes. I still have about 3 months' worth of the slightly longer ones to go through yet.

Watched some Tivo. The last NFL Combine. FFed through most of it, because it was 90% every player running the 100 yard dash and the commentators talking to each other and ignoring the action on the field.

Caught up on all but the last 2 TMZ episodes.

The new Tivo has a thing called OnePass, which went and changed my Season pass for the Graham Norton show to include all 57 episodes available on Netflix. I don't subscribe to Netflix, and TiVo does not offer a way for me to bulk delete those 57 links. I will send them a nastygram about that. Some other time.

Synology "support" asked me to send a copy of the logs. They are in .dat format, I suppose before I rant abut them being encrypted I should open up the log file. Okay, done. And they are encrypted. Boo, hiss. They are responding as if they have never seen this issue before, even though it's all over the user's forum, dating as far back as 2002. There are no answers there, so they may not have a fix.

Dinner was supposed to be a Marie Callender beef pot pie, but only half of it was edible. They changed to a cheaper pie dish, and 10 minutes was too much for it, the gravy bled all over the container and dried out. I'd had an appetizer, low-fat baked chip (Cape Cod brand, they are almost edible) with crab and bacon dip.

Plans for tomorrow:
Frys', see about buying an NAS 2-bay diskless enclosure
2 pm, Janice's, help her put Outlook contacts onto her new PC and load Quicken data from the USB drive. She is a total whack job about computers, despite having used them at work for at least 30 years. She claims electronics baffles her. But it baffles her only because she wants it to.  And then she's taking me to a belly dance class recital, or something like that. There's a good chance I know one or two of the dancers, but I haven't told her that. In case I don't. And in case I do.
Then at 6:30-ish, a new San Jose musical theater group is having a launch party. I know most of the main players, and I wonder what they are thinking.

What I am thinking is:
Sunnyvale has craptastic tech, and has to share space with a highly successful private childrens' program. They rarely sell out a performance
Saratoga's two groups are very cliquish and only choose Old Standards. They also have huge subscription bases and usually sell out before the show opens. And they have a crappy little auditorium to play in
Tabard downtown SJ is a horrible little stage in an upstairs lounge. Not a proper theater
Mountain View and Menlo Park have no community theater
Santa Clara is in a tiny pavilion behind a museum, 80 seats, they don't do musicals
Los Altos is in a converted bus barn
Lyric (SJ) does mostly Gilbert & Sullivan, along with Old Standards and unknown G&S era staged readings. They at least have a wonderful rehearsal space/set construction area and use of a major legit theater
Palo Alto has the best theater and set shop in the area, but have to share it with TheatreWorks, and they do a lot of iffy shows. And it's a hellacious commute after work.

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