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Fry's, Bellies and Theater

Got tired of waiting for Synology support to get back to me about their product not showing up on my network map, so I went to Fry's, picked a similar Seagate unit (diskless 2-bay NAS enclosure) off the shelf. Shelf price was $199.95, Amazon had it listed for $96.65. I showed the cashier the Amazon price, and invoked the "we'll match any Internet price"  clause. For a measly $103.30 it took him 20 minutes and three managers to get approval. I will be nastygramming them tomorrow. The box is somewhat the worse for wear, and I bet what happened is they put this on the shelf a couple of years ago at the bleeding edge price of the time, but now these things are common as goats.

I get it home, take the drives out of the Synology unit and pop them into the Seagate,  do all the installation stuff, and I get the same error as the Synology. Very upsetting, because the two Seagate backup units I have with non-removable single disks work just fine.

So it's probably a Windows thing, but try to get help from Microsoft...

Got to a stopping point just in time to go to Janice's and not do much except show her that the two programs she was complaining about on her new PC did not lose any data. She had not bothered to actually try them after she installed them.

Her TV remote needs to be reprogrammed, though.  It doesn't change the TV input correctly when switching from DVD (HDMI) to TV (cable coax). She only watches TV three times a year, so it's not critical.

And then she drove us into the hills above San Mateo to a house party for local belly dancers. First person I saw on entering was Lois White, stage name Leyla Lanty, whom I have known since maybe 1985 from Stanford folkdancers. She choreographed the G&S operetta I directed long ago. She's older than me, I think, and while she doesn't have all the moves anymore, she could still put on a good show.

It took forever to get the dancing started, people had a tough time finding the place, and a tougher time parking. We had to bail after only 4 dancers because we both had places to be.

Picked up my car at Janice's, went home for just enough time to tinkle and pet the cat, then to Santa Clara downtown for the launch of San Jose Musical Theater. It was a potluck, not having brought anything was not a problem. I signed on as a founding member for $50, using two dead secretaries of the treasury and a dead president. But it occurred to me a $50 bill would have been more appropriate, because theater companies often live off Grants.

They already have a board and officers, and the artistic director is a long-time director/producer/manager who had done most of his work with Saratoga. I'm sure he helped found the group with that position in mind, but it's okay, he's way qualified. I've never worked with him, because the two times h cast me in shows, it was for parts I didn't want to play. Actually one of them was a part that would have killed me, dancer in Hello Dolly. He's always friendly, remembers my name.

Also one of the board is a woman I did a lot of shows with in Menlo Players in the 80s, always the dance captain, and a joy to work with. I did not know any of the other leaders, though the person who led off the meeting has chatted with me before, she saw me in La Mancha in Saratoga. In the audience was another Menlo Players person, though he arrived as I was leaving Menlo. I've seen him in a lot of shows, also as a director, and he brings his students to the model rocket launches. Also there was my wife from Saratoga La Mancha.

They are starting small, with a Cole Porter concert in the fall. Two of the cast sang a tunes from the concert, both forgot the words big time. My second favorite accompanist accompanied them. 

I told the board peeps that they can call on me to help maintain the (nonexistent) web page. Their social media guy has set up a Facebook and Twitter account but doesn't have a URL yet.

I'm not as enthusiastic now as I was yesterday, but there's still hope.

Home, not much garbage to take out, barely enough recycle to justify hauling the bin to the curb, but I got a lot of exercise flattening boxes and making a recycle bundle.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA (I have auction items)

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