Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late again

So quickly, there was some work to do at work. Also, Automation Guy had gone to Sunnyvale Players with his son, and they loved The Little Mermaid, Jr.  He said he may have enjoyed it more than his son. :-)

Lunch was KFC. Next time I think I'll have extra crispy, because Original is a bit soggy.

Home after work, tried to fix the network drive issue, but to no avail. Will call Seagate support tomorrow, I think.

BASFA meeting was only about 1/3 of the usual attendance. None of the officers showed up, so bovil pinch hit. He did a good job. Had I known how few people would be there, I would have saved my auction items for another night.

Home, one more go at the network drive,one more FAIL. :-(

Updated my web site with Spook story & photos.  

In other FAIL news, the car in-dash unit  has suddenly stopped playing audio from the iPod. It shows the tunes as playing, but there is no sound. This happened after I tried to get the second USB connection to recognize updated firmware (that was also a FAIL). So I loaded a USB drive with tunes to see if I can resurrect it. If not, I may need to go back to BestBuy and have the connectors reversed. Bummer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Songwriters' Meetup

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