Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

With A Song In mY Trunk

Too much time wasted trying to get this NAS thing solved, made me just in time for work. Should have been early.

Spook yelled at me a lot.

Filed two bugs, I think one had already been filed. I'll find out tomorrow.

Lunchtime I went to Coco's to take a look around the parking lot for my keys. My key ring is one of those pull-aparts and I lost the set of house keys and a bicycle lock key. I have copies of all those except the one for the shed, which of course is the only one I can't open from inside. Need to call a locksmith.

Also need to call an exterminator about the weevils. There are fewer of them now, but still way too many.

No luck at Coco's, they had no keys turned into lost & found either. I may go back tomorrow night when there aren't so many cars in the lot.

That errand shot my plan to have my nails done, but since I was nearby I had lunch at Round Table Pizza. Lots of people there for the buffet, but not lots of pizza in the buffet so I ordered a personal sized pizza.

Home after work, got two things done which I found answers to online. Fixed the "no audio from the iPod" problem. Completely non-intuitive setting, had to be in standby mode to access it. And upgraded the firmware. Very intuitive setting, but you had to be in standby for the unit to recognize the USB had firmware files and was not just a music collection in the wrong format.

Songwriters' meetup. There were too many people signed up, and the organizer sent a message that there would be a 3minute limit for each person. I put my Thai lyrics copies in the car, but did not bring them in with me. Turned out that there were many people with nothing to share, and when my turn came around (i was last) there would have been plenty of time. :-(

Home, tried my Seagate GoFlex units, they had no problem mapping to the PC. Installed the drivers for the big NAS, but that only gave me the right icon in the wrong place on the map. There is something mismatched in the Windows-NAS configs, no clue what.

I think I will put the Synology back together, it has a better GUI and quieter fan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get belly dance photos online

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