Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Humping Along

To bed too late again, to work barely on time. Not much to do, waiting for builds for two models.

Lunchtime first stop was manicure, next stop Kaiser pharmacy to pick up insulin pens, then across the street to the Hawaiian BBQ place. Excellent tasting food, but the Korean beef was very gristly. Scoops of rice & macaroni salad look comic to me. I took half of it to go, big portions.

Back to work, called a locksmith, made an appointment for Friday to have my shed door handle lock picked & replaced. I had copies of the other two house keys (three, actually, but both my front doors use the same key pattern), but not for the shed. Also called a highly recommended exterminator about the weevils, got an answering machine, and nobody called back. I will try another one, because when the message on the machine is somewhat frantic and end abruptly when a baby starts crying, it doesn't instill confidence in a level of professionalism. Also called the denture clinic and left a message that as soon as I get the second estimate we can start work. They had not sent enough details and the insurance company bounced it.

Stopped at Lowe's on the way home, picked up four more packages of bug trap glue boards. Hope I won't need them all. Also spent about 10 minutes at the key making machine. Made two for the side door, with the CA state symbol on it, one plain one for the front doors and one of those with the word "home" in fancy font.

My dupes went back into the little hidden drawer in the car, and the new ones are on my keyring and in the kitchen drawer in which I keep all sorts of key-like objects. Like the surfboard-shaped letter opener and the spare furnace lighters. And the fondue forks.

Spent some time processing the bellydance photos. Dinner was one scoop of rice and a serving of meatballs in marinara sauce. Three slices of cantaloupe for dessert.

Message from doctor that its time for another non-fasting blood test, and a blood pressure test. Maybe Friday. I'm tempted to take the day off again. or half a day.

Forgot to mention that last weekend was the Indian festival of colors, and when I came home there was a steady stream or people walking from the Hindu temple covered in splashes of color. Looks a lot like paintball colors, or maybe chalk. Or both. Next year I'm going to find out if I can get invited to take photos.

Took the drives out of the Seagate NAS and put them back into the Synology box. Rebuilt the system from factory reset, but it still won't show up on the network as connected to the PC. Synology support has been useless, this is a very common problem from what my web searches show, but nobody seems to have an answer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get to work early
Town hall meeting, CEO is here from Atlanta. They will do this in the new building next door. But he will see what a slum we work in later in the day.
Probably no boss' boss meeting
New product QA meeting
Try again for an exterminator. Aim for Friday daytime because Friday evening and Saturday and half of Sunday is Consonance, the other half of Sunday is Little Mermaid. 
And maybe print out a filk or two to sing.

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