Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'll start writing after I hydrate

Where is Spook? Usually when I'm at the computer she is on the cat tree nearby. Found her hunkered down on the bath mat in front of the shower in the master bathroom. Her latest thing is when I am in the bathroom she will hop into the tub and meow loudly at me. I turned the tap on momentarily and she jumped back immediately, then edged forward to see what that stuff was.

At work at 9:30 as planned, well, I planned 9, but needed that extra half hour of sleep to make up for waking up coughing at 2 am. Somehow in my sleep I had opened a Werther's sugar-free caramel drop and put it in my mouth, and somehow inhaled. Not the drop, just the saliva. Two 3oz cups of water helped, but not enough, so traipsed to the kitchen and made some chicken bullion, sat in the recliner and drank that while channel surfing.

10:30 there was corporate-wide town hall meeting in the new building next door. This was my first time inside it, and it pissed me off a lot. The company had completely gutted and rebuilt the place, so it is clean, well-lighted, spacious. We're in an identical building, except the last time it was designered was 1930.  Dirty, dingy, cramped.

We can probably thank the snow in Atlanta for every board member being in the building. We can probably thank stupidity for the board members to not show their faces until the meeting was over. It was the usual town hall, which at this company is a pretty thorough update on finances, customers won, plans for the year, and so on. They went out of their way to mention how high their hopes were for the new product my team, is testing.  Only the product they described is not the one we're working on. Meanwhile, the current product sold more units than ever before.

It was very much a marketing-centric meeting, not really appropriate for an engineering audience.

The HR rep lied to us about the company training program. There is nothing there for engineering, keeping current on the two new video formats. I complained to her about that a year ago. There is a lot of stuff for salespeople, but that's only three or four people in the two buildings.

They spared all expense with refreshments. Cookies and small water bottles.

Back to work, Boss gave me some stuff to do for automation. Script reviews. Boring. But better than nothing. Not better than solitaire, though. Or reading the RSS feeds from Thailand.

Lunch was at the newly opened Panda Express in Mercado shopping center. Had they not been open Plan B was IHOP. This Panda is small, not enough seating. Had to wait for some people sitting outside to leave. It was a little nippy, that side of the building was in shade and there was a breeze, but I survived. Had to pass the Italian place and Krispy Kreme to get there, and it was like walking through a tomato patch and then through a cloud of sugar.

After work, massage. New girl, she had no clue on how to give a massage. And asked for an obscenely large tip. Which she did not get.

Home, Another shot at making the NAS work. It apparently doesn't like my router.

In the mail was my 2015 fishing license and a packet of bee-friendly flower seeds. I'll be at Consonance this weekend, so the seeds will have to wait, but the plan is to pull up the lemongrass (cut it up and freeze it) and plant the seeds there, across the path from the rose garden.

Come to think of it, I may have time tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home at 1 for lunch and to wait for the locksmith
Consonance by 7:30. It's back at the near edge of Milpitas, which makes it a lot easier to get to for me.
I'll be commuting for this con (always do)

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