Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday the 6th: stuff happened

Early to work because I was leaving at 1. Task was to verify that an automation script worked. Ran it, looked like it passed in 10 minutes, but that was not possible. Ran it 3 more times, about 45 minutes each. Failed. Kicked it back to the engineer who wrote it.

Home,  did not have lunch, got distracted. And I'd had a bagel and a muffin at work. And a hard boiled egg. Put the distraction on my car:

2 pm Poured a soda, opened a jar of peanut butter and sat on the porch nibbling PNB, watching the occasional hummingbird, waiting for the locksmith. Spook tried to attack me through the window. Loudly.

They arrived right at 2:30, the start of the 2-hour window they had given me. It was the owner and a trainee. He had the trainee do all the work. Good boss, made a suggestion when necessary, let the guy gain confidence. It took 5 minutes to pick the lock, and 10 to make new keys. $180 for the visit, $7 for the keys. Well worth it. Local business.

I wanted to print them a check, but my check printing software refused - I had updated Quicken to 2015, and the Check Designer software was incompatible, and they didn't have an update yet. I had some pre-printed checks, so I paid by hand-writing on one of those.

And bought a different check writer program, one which is 2015 compatible. But that won't arrive for a few days, so I had to revert to 2014, and load last week's data into it because 2014 can't read a 2015 database. They really need to fix that. It's only been about 15 years.

While trying something with the NAS, I knocked the router off the shelf & broke it. Put the router from 2 units ago in its place, and it also can't get the NAS on the map. So we're definitely dealing with some Windows thing here.

Tore myself away from the PC to drive to Consonance. Rush hour traffic, took almost an hour to go 15 minute non-rush. :-(

But I was still early. Nibbled a bit on stuff in the con suite.  Went to the concerts. Stone Dragon I have seen before, they are fun, but not the greatest singers. Toastmaster Jim Partridge was amazing, superb voice, did a lot of a capella, some of it with a buddy. Mary Crowell accompanied him on a couple of numbers, lucky guy. Sing-along session was only about half sing-along, but there were a few songs new to me which I loved. Especially the Psychic Voicemail Hotline and Pirates Don't Have All of Their parts. Or something like that. And I am deeply in love with someone who looks a lot like Taunya Gren. She may or may not be, I keep mixing up her with someone else who is a filk mainstay with a similar name. Anyhow, I will even forgive her awful plaid suit.

I thought she was married, but I saw no ring, and no PDAs. Hmmm.

Up to the con suite again, for birthday cake as it was the TM's b'day recently. Then home, as the con suite, as usual, was too crowded and noisy and has horrible traffic flow. If any.

Plans for tomorrow:
Consonance by 10 am. Stay as late as tonight, maybe. The main disadvantage of not staying late is not hearing Kathy Mar sing.

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