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Hello I must be going...

at about 1:30 am I went around the house DST-ing all the clocks. I may have missed the one on the stove. Only one had a DST button. Fairly low morning Hgl, which was strange after 2 Klondike bars last night. Checked the web, Fry's was already open at 9, so I took the router there. Returned it, and verified they had the one I wanted. Out to the shelves, and it was not there. One of the staff showed that someone had put another model where it should have been. She looked it up again, and there was supposed to be one. No others in the system for any store.

So I had my store credit credited back to my card, and went home. Later went online to Amazon, where my tax refund gift card was waiting for me and ordered one.

Home to get my camera and then to Consonance.

Sat in on some of Tim Griffin's spiel on his company looking for original songs which teach without being preachy, pedantic or childish. I suppose I could write something. Maybe, instead of watching porn. 

I thought something was going on in the concert hall at noon, but it wasn't. So I went to the con suite, and Jim chatted with me for about 10 minutes. Hated to pull myself away, but 1-shots were happening.  In a small filk circle room, which I didn't like because it didn't give the victims access to a mike or a stage or the on-stage experience. Bill once again made my brain hurt with his wooden delivery and tin ear. But it was a really good song, and if he has music written for it, I might try to cover it for him. During the feedback, every time he answered a judge's comment his wife whispered something rude to him, like "you're being defensive, dear" loud enough for the people in the hall to hear. Totally uncalled for.

Nick was up next, and his delivery was in the opposite direction, and didn't work because there was no music stand and he had to hold his notebook while trying to gesture. It also distracted him enough that I couldn't follow the tune. Wasn't thrilled with the song, either. He usually does a lot better.

Finally concert room time, the filk chorus crowded into the center of the stage and the floor in front. They sounded great. But the last two number were gospel, which IMHO is not filk, as much as it may be based on fantasy. I was offended by the last number which was all "Joy" as in "Jesus" but without actually saying his name.

Next up was "Everyone except Amy" as Jeff put it. Mary came on in an elegant burgundy velour dress, the featured performer, Scott Snyder, was in a very classy 1770's era overcoat and vest, which didn't quite match his pink electric guitar. Bass player, possibly his SO(?), in a similar outfit, wielding a huge pine-colored electric bass. Jeff and Maya also joined in and someone named Mary (?). They did a series of rock filk, mostly TTO things, all brilliant. My favorite was the one about waiting for the progress bar, followed closely by "I used to have a life back then, but I play Magic Now", and an ode to Pluto.

I had to bail, because it was 3 pm and I had to be in Sunnyvale in time for a 4 pm performance of Little Mermaid. Glad I went, this second cast was much better than the first cast, though it was tough to see women playing the prince and King Neptune. We're talking very well endowed actresses, not girls with a body type which could get away with playing a boy. They had their lines down better than the opening night cast, which made the one time Ariel blanked all the more painful. Neptune and her onstage alone, there was silence for about a minute before Neptune said something which got them going again. It was *this* close to Neptune feeding Ariel her line.

Also, this Ariel is the younger sister of the other one, and she sang better until it was time to hit the high note, and then she screamed it like her sister did for all her notes. Sebastian was miles better than the other one. Both of them were a FAIL with the Jamaican accent, in both cases by the end of the show they sounded German.

I would have liked to hang around and meet the cast, but it was a full house again, and a total mob scene. They had added a "have your photo taken with Ariel" corner on one side of the lobby, complete with set pieces. I pushed my way through the other side, and drove home.

Thought about going back to Consonance, but was still playing musical routers.

Two small dinners, mac & cheese and pot roast, both of them the tiny Safeway ones.

Took the drives out of the Synology NAS and put them in the new Netgear. It's not cooperating with the IP assignment it has been given.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go to MV Kaiser for a blood pressure check.


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