Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Daylight Lost Time, Monday Edition

Last things first. Finally got the PC talking to the NAS. Did a lot of browsing at work, mostly on  Windows forums, because after 3 routers and 3 NAS units, the only thing in common was Windoze 7. I already had everything set up correctly as far as Seagate, Synology and Netgear were concerned. What ended up fixing it was this combination:

  • Set the workgroup name to something other than workgroup
  • set it back to workgroup
    • both of these needed a reboot or at least a log-off/login
  • Disable IPv6 on the PC's and NAS's network cards
  • Enable NetBIOS on the PC's network card
  • Un-bridge the two PC network cards and disable the second card
  • Add the NAS to the PC's host list
That last I think was the most important one, because in the hosts file I found the info for the two old too-small Seagate NAS units which worked.

So now I have my two backups set up. Saturday will do drive C and system volume, Sunday will do drive E, which will probably take more than a day.

Work. Last night I had prepared a KFC cole slaw bowl with PNB&J, but by the end of the day I had not touched it because I also had brought a bag of pistachios and one of mixed nuts. Only had time to eat half a banana before the weekly team meeting. Completely forgot to pack the hard boiled egg, which is supposed to balance the banana. Also did not touch the string cheese. Much of this was due to the fact that I had to duck out halfway through the meeting to sit on the john, and there were three more visits within the next hour. Bad enough to ignore the can of diet coke and switch to a glass of hot water with one mint and one chamomile tea bag. That helped. Baby sister suggested on FB ginger sliced into the tea, or her favorite brand of ginger ale, neither of which I had access to at the time. Middle sister said my line about trying to take the gas out of gastrointestinal was TMI.

Lunch at Togo's for the daily deal, pastrami on whole wheat. Thought about a salad either there or at Sizzler, but bread seemed a better choice.

One more check of the plumbing when I got back to the office, and then I was okay. I'm chalking this up to a mild stomach virus, a variation on con crud, since at least three other con fen reported similar symptoms.

Ran a couple of test scripts for Automation, which took all day. They were the "push go and wait" type. So while I was waiting I researched the NAS thing, bought a copy of the book I'd won at the con auction and had it gift mailed to my Baltimore sister. Looked up videos of Tom Smith's Psychic Voicemail Hotline for a laugh and Rich Fantasy Lives for a cry. I found several versions of the latter, but prefer the trio-plus-signer rendition, stupid jerks blocking the camcorder to take pictures notwithstanding.

Home, Spook was in her usual place blocking the carport door. Gave her treats anyway.

Took a quick, unsuccessful shot at the NAS issue, then shut down the PC and went to basfa. Another sparsely attended meeting, though there were three new rude people attending. Or at least new to me. President didn't ask for intros so maybe they had been to meetings I missed. Most of the usual suspects were there, only the VP and the annoying backrub woman were not there. I got in a couple of puns. Someone else beat me to one. Auctions never cease to amaze me. A pair of DVDs worth $30 went for a single #1 bid while a $10 bundle of gift wrap went for $5 after some intense bidding.
Remembered from Consonance - when I walked into the con suite, one of the young men in the room said I was world famous - he has my Youtube cover of When I Was A Boy on his favorites list. :-)

Plans for tomorrow:
Online training session on the goal-setting craptacy we all need to complete by the end of the month
Dental appointment at 1. Scheduled as a cleaning and exam, but I'm going to ask her to make my mouth ready for a new set of lower dentures. That may require re-doing a crown, and probably working on a filling which is in an awkward place.

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