Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Let's erase this day and just start over

It rained. At work early because I knew I was taking some time off for BP and A1C tests. Got out to the car 15 minutes early for that, pulled out of my space, pointed it at the exit, and heard/felt a flat tire.

At least it had stopped raining. Was unable to make the jack work, do called roadside assistance (I am still covered through May). In 45 minutes two Russian guys in a small 2-door elderly sports car arrived with an industrial strength jack and a power nut driver. They got the job done in <5. While I was waiting for them I called Kaiser to say I would be late, but the operator refused to relay the message. She just read me a standard line over and over that they would take me when they had time.

Got there half an hour late, and the first part of the BP test is to sit in the waiting area for 15 minutes, allegedly to relax. Fat chance. Very cute trainee nurse brought me in, not at all cute real nurse supervised. My first reading was actually low (not surprising, I felt dizzy when I got up after 15 minutes of sitting). Then they did a standing test, and instead of it going low like a normal person, it went up significantly. By significantly I mean it was a normal reading for me. But not at all cute nurse panicked and had me sit in the waiting area until she could ask a doctor if I was safe to leave. This despite a protocol clearly pasted to the wall by the BP meter which said to panic when the reading was about twice what mine had been.

Doc apparently said okay, I was released.

Downstairs, asked for all the non-fasting blood tests. There were a lot of vials. Fairly cute and very cheerful phlebotomist tried to get me to say something positive, but after a flat tire, failed BP test and it was raining, there wasn't anything to be cheerful about.

Not hungry enough to go to lunch, so went back to work, and ran some automation tests. And chatted with Automation Guy.

Made a 6:15 appointment at the Svale Toyota dealership because they were the only place open after work, all the other mechanics seem to open at the crack of WTF and close by 5. It took them 2 hours to tell me the tire was not repairable, and another hour to replace it. Got done after the janitors had finished mopping the parts department. Hindsight says I should have kept the baby spare on until I could get to Costco and get a warranty replacement. Oh well.

Home, Spook was in the doorway again. And she kept yelling at me.

In the mail was the copy of CheckMagic I'd paid $25 for, which was supposed to let me print checks from Quicken. Turned out to be ugly, difficult to set up, and then it didn't print. When I went to fix that, it had lost all the account info. So I will stick to Quicken 2014 and Check Designer, and wait for the latter to update to allow Quicken 2015 to print. Intuit is nasty and makes its updates not backward compatible by forcing a new database structure.

Sometime in the afternoon boss canceled my 1-on-1, and I got a call from the endodontist's office that the appointment would cost $450. Apparently I am getting a root canal redo.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up on time
Crawl through rush hour traffic to get to endo on the other side of town by 9:30
Expecting tooth #21 to be re-root-canaled
The rest of the day will depend on pain, drugs, and motivation
No plans for the evening

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