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Root, root, root for the home team

Started the day off not having breakfast because endodontist appointment at 9:45. I figured on horrible rush hour traffic on 237 and 85, so I left at 9. There was none, and I arrived at 9:05. Parked in the lot and went for a walk. It was a lovely morning, sunny & about 65°. First thing I noticed is on the far corner at El Camino was a Sees Candies.

The address of the med center, which was mostly dentists, was 665. Obviously they built it on the wrong side of the street.

Spring Day Spa, BTW, looks to be an Asian massage parlor featuring happy endings. Just the thing to relax at after having your teeth ripped open.

Back to the car, I read a bit on the Nexus' Kindle app, As You Wish by Cary Elwes, the guy who played Westly in The Princess Bride. Co-authored by Joe Layden, who has ghosted many celeb memoirs, it is a thrill a minute, one of the best pieces of writing I've seen in a long time. No spoilers, except I am recommending it to all my very talented but even more insecure theater friends. Because here is a cast made up of world class talent, many of whom display huge bouts of self-doubt.

Went inside at 9:30, and there was 15 minutes of paperwork to do, but guess what? They make the 10 am appointment for 9:45 to allow for that, so I sat in the office for 15 minutes as the doc wrapped up with his current patient.

The receptionist was very friendly & professional, and the forms were standard. They had already called my insurance for the co-pay, which assumed there would be a root canal done. $420. Up front.

In the doctor's office, he's a very personable guy, easy to understand, and after a bunch of x-rays and a hands-on (and mean-looking dental probe-on) inspection he said it was a tough call. He didn't think the tooth needed a root canal right this minute, but it might fail in the future because the original work was not 100% and there was a hint of infection. Part of the formula was how long ago it was done, and as best as I could remember, it was done at least 15 years ago. He said with that in mind, it ought to last at least another 15, and we decided not to do anything.

Back to the receptionist, she said I get a refund because it was only a consultation. That got me back about half the up-front payment. Endodontist definitely does not qualify to audition for Little Shop of Horrors. :-)

10:30, tempted to celebrate with some Sees, but drove to work instead.

Did some automation stuff, then went to the pizza buffet at Round Table at noon because we had a 2 pm staff meeting. It's pretty good for that first hour, but they slack of by the time I usually get there after 1.

The meeting started with a refreshing monologue by Boss' Boss saying there is no way we can meet our deadlines if engineering doesn't meet theirs. And other frank details which my NDA won't allow me to say. And then he went around the room as usual and had everyone give a short update on what they've been doing. It got sidetracked a couple of times by two of the Boss-level managers drilling down when they really needed to shut the eff up and take it offline. But we managed to get out of there on time.

New product lead guy canceled the 4 pm meeting, since we didn't have a new build and we covered in the 2 pm meeting most of what he was going to cover at 4.

So I started another automation test.

I also had browsers pointed at the Paul Allen undersea exploration live feed, set to start at 6 pm, and got the link to NASA TV for the 7 pm (?) rocket launch.

But at 5:50 I was out the door, headed for The French Store to get windshield wipers (all this sunshine had made mine brittle and non-effective) and some washer fluid to park in the shed till needed.

It was Stupid People Using Escalators Wrong night. I waited at the bottom as one young woman pushed her baby stroller on, almost tipping over backwards as she misjudged the steps. I gave her a 50% chance of falling back down with the stroller on top of her, and did not want to be a target. As I was paying for my stuff, there was a loud crash, as another clueless person pushed her shopping cart onto the people side of the down escalator instead of the cart side. I got there just in time to see that all she had in the cart was a package of TP. She could have left the cart behind.

Home, it was still light! Yay! So I put the new wipers on the car. Also put the seats down and pushed the broken tire onto the back seat section and put my grocery divider back in the trunk. Tomorrow I'll call Costco about a refund, and having them recycle the tire.

Got some small projects done. My cousin in Brighton got a new wheelchair, and named it Bart (I have no idea why) so I altered the BART logo and printed it on decal film. It will be in the mail tomorrow.

And a FB friend, long time theater pal was saying she just saw LSOH for the first time, as a puppet show. So I put a DVD of mine into a mailer and put her address and some stamps on it.

A few of the Consonance guests who saw my photos asked to add me as a Facebook friend. Which I did, because my rule is "if I've met you, I'll friend you. Unless you're totally repulsive". And if I haven't met you, there has to be some other special connection for me to friend you. Same goes for LJ.  For example, there are at least two cousins whom I have never met, and there's a friend of mistymarshall who was supposed to meet us for drinks one time I was up in Seattle, but had to cancel to make a movie or something like that, who is a fascinating person who writes great journal & FB posts. And there's the mother of the mother of a very talented guitarist/singer who sent me a request. How could I say no to the grandmother of a talented redhead and the mother of a woman who plays the washboard with gloves made from a gorilla costume, on which she has sewn thimbles on each finger? Even if she does live on the other side of the country.

DMV is way ahead of itself. My registration is due in mid-May, they already sent me the bill.

The bonus Boss told me about yesterday, minus taxes and 401K contribution, was in my bank account today. It is enough to buy that very expensive lens and still have lots left over. Not sure if I will do that, though.

Credit Union sent me a link to their pre-approved car loan page. Apparently I can get up to $50k at 1.7%. And that inspired me to go car shopping again. When I bought it, I was planning to keep the Corolla for 5 years, but by that time it will be worth nothing, and I am very tired of the seat height being non-adjustable, which means I hit my head on th frame when I get in. And  3 irreparable flat tires later, I've had it with the alleged suspension. And I really want a hybrid. Actually I really want an electric car, but they cost too much and don't have enough range, and take too long to charge.

So tomorrow I'll stop by the CU, which is a very short drive from work, and check that out, and this weekend, probably Sunday, I'll do some shopping.

Plans for tomorrow:
Costco, see about the tire refund, or at worst have them recycle it
Order some mounted prints of 2015 calendar candidates which didn't make the cut.

Car shopping maybe. 

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