Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Lucky Friday The 13th

My bonus made it into my bank account, so did my paycheck (without the raise, though). My IRS and CA tax refunds were already in there. I used part of my Discover card cashback and what was left on my Amazon/Turbotax gift card to buy an 85mm lens which had been too close-up for my previous 3/4-frame cameras but will be great on the full frame one. And some of the $ in the checking account paid for a 16-34mm zoom lens. I wanted to put it on the Discover card, but eBay's Paypal connection wouldn't let me choose a funding source.

Went to Costco, they gave me a full refund on the broken tire, and said they also did not have the same model in stock, and the one they would have put on as a replacement (instead of the refund) would have been the same one I got at the Toyota dealership. Saved me an hour or more waiting for the car to be done.

From there, to my credit union, where I was given a letter of approval for a $30k auto loan at 1.94%. Looking at prices online, and what Kelley and Edmunds think my car is worth, I can probably get a new 2015 Prius for half of that, or less.

At work, there were Krispy Kreme donuts still available even though I was not in super-early. I don't like their sugared air beige risen ones, but I'm okay with the cream filled, chocolate topped model. And a new build of the software fixed a bug I have been working on. Got my weekly report done early because there was no more work to do which needed reporting (some stuff to be finished Monday).

After work, to Great Clips and got what little hair I have left cut. Actually, about 1/3 of it is still there, but it's in a slightly elliptical orbit around my bald spot.

Home, crashed. Had a good nap, but the clock said it was only half an hour. I forced myself to ignore Spook's whining and stay in bed till 9 pm.

Got caught up on Quicken, paid down my Discover card.

About Hillary's email. I also only carry one cell phone, even though my company, which used to be Motorola, would have given or sold me for cheap one for work. Unlike Ms. C, I have the option of not taking my work home with me, so I don't connect to the work email on my personal cell phone. However, as we all know, nothing is ever gone forever on the Internet, so all her official email is available. I understand AP has made a request for all of it, but IMHO her personal messages are not covered under the Freedom of Misinformation Act, so someone, probably in the Justice Dept., would have to sort those. And also withhold classified documents.
Some of the guests from Consonance, having seen my photos, have friended me on FB. I am honored. Phil Mills posted a blow-by-blow series about the con. He's a good writer. I'll have to find time to read it all.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pi Day event at the Computer History Museum. I promised myself and a friend back east I would take many detailed photos of the Babbage Engine. 
Take my car title, which I just dug out of the lock box, and the CU letter and go shopping for a car. First stop may be last stop, the place I bought my last car. Because except for them losing my vanity plates, they were great to deal with and gave me an excellent trade-in allowance.

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