Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another weird night becomes a regular day

Went to bed around 9 pm, feeling completely drained. No idea why.

Woke up at about half past midnight, Spook was splayed out in bed next to me. Was feeling even more crashed so I too a blood test and it was 59. Horribly low. Self-medicated with more pie, some oreos and a couple of thin mints. And some ginger ale to calm my tummy.

Back to bed, Spook joined me again, and didn't bail until I woke up at 6:30 to take a leak. Back to bed for that last hour before the alarm went off.

Had to be out of the house before 8:30 because that's when the electric folks were turning off the juice to the neighborhood to tweak/install a transformer.

Got to work at 8:15, the Prius nav system did okay until the last block, then could not handle the fact that the street has a 2-way left turn lane and there was no reason to do a U-turn a quarter mile away. And it totally freaked when I pulled into the driveway next door and drove to the back of the lot. The two buildings are both my company, but the other one has no speed bumps, and the lots are connected.

Lunchtime, nav still thought I was trying to go to work, there was no intuitive way to turn it off. Went online before lunch, and Toyota had posted some voice commands, but my unit doesn't know them. So all the way to Togos it kept recalculating and trying to get me to turn back.

Back at work, stumbled upon the answers. One was it thought work was a waypoint on my way home, so I had to push the buttons to find and delete the waypoint. And then it showed me a "stop navigation" type button, but it said something that was not navigation.   STOP GUIDANCE, was the button. That was also listed on the Toyota forum page as a voice command but all that did was bring up the phone book. And it's possible the button doesn't show up until I'm parked.

Voice also failed at changing satellite radio stations. It kept changing to AM and choosing the next nearest station.

Called the insurance company, got my policy switched over. The guy on the other end of the line spoke English well, but did not hear it too well. He misheard half the letters in my VIN number, even though I spoke them clearly and slowly. One more reason, I told him, that this should be do-able online. Nice surprise is it resulted in a small decrease in my payments. He didn't ask how the car was financed, which I may have to call again for, because the previous car I paid cash and held the title from day 1.

Ordered more Werther's sugar free caramels, and a 10-pack of kitty treats from Amazon.

Had an online chat with Toyota support to find out how to turn off the backup beeper, which makes me feel like I'm driving a forklift. No answer. FAIL.

Ordered some mounted 11x14 prints from Costco. Will pick them up tomorrow

Home for a bit. Then to a sparsely attended BAFSA meeting. Again no VP, so no wedding present. We were done in record time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Costco - prints
Toyota service - maybe call sales lady first - to get that beep zapped


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