Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Tu's Dai

Totally slipped my mind that it was st. pat's day, was busy at work creating a "zero to web page in 60 minutes" class. Unforgivable, because it is also the birthday of my redheaded brother in law, who was being treated to a pre-season baseball game in Fla-dah. Both of my US sisters were there, I wanted to be there but it's Spring Break and there was no way I could afford the air fare or hotel, and I didn't want to take a week off work.

Nobody at work was paying attention to it, either. I don't think we have anyone even remotely Irish.

Lunchtime started at Costco, picked up the 10 mounted prints. Then to the nearest fat food place for lunch. Only ate 3/4 of it.

Got a call from the finance guy at Toyota asking if I had the headrests from my now-old car. I did. I told him I would bring them after work. As I was pulling them out of my closet, saleslady called asking the same thing. I told her I'd be there in half an hour. And I was. But neither of them were. I waited for 15 minutes, then left them on her chair and also left one of my calendars, since she was asking about my photography.

Just before leaving work, I took down my old photos and hung as many of the new ones as I had hooks for. Need 2 or 3 more hooks.

Neurologist emailed me that my B6 was normal again, to keep doing what I had been doing. I replied with the ingredients for the Centrum Silver Old Men formula, and told her I quit taking them. It has 300% of the B6 RDA. She thanked me for the info, and echoed hsifyppah's advice that a balanced diet makes multivitamins moot.

I still take 1000mg of C, because Linus Pauling.

Since I was already on El Camino after the Toyota visit, I went to Pep Boys and bought a pair of bug eyes for the side view mirrors because the Prius is one big blind spot (I've used those things for decades) and also some vanilla scent because even though there is no new car smell, there's something not appealing.

Next stop, Safeway. I was tempted to got to an Irish bar & grill, there are about 27 in the area, but I'm not a fan of beer, or drunken Irishmen. So I bought a corned beef brisket. No cabbage, I have sauerkraut which I think goes better, and I have grey poop-on. Also picked up some shortbread cookies, because there were little green men on the package. And they make those in Scotland, which is close enough. And bananas and eggs.

Home, boiled up a dozen eggs, leaving 6 raw. Put the corned beef in my new big pot, and set that to cooking.

Delivered yesterday was the cable modem/router I have been waiting to be in stock for a couple of weeks. Tonight I set it up. And filed a bug report, because it refused to let me set the IP address to what all my previous routers used. That sucks, because all my webcams need fixed addresses, can't use DHCP, so now none of them work. Filed a bug report with Netgear. And no, there was no new firmware available.

And I'm back to not being able to map the NAS drive.

Spook has found one of her little mouse toys, and has been carrying it around and throwing it and batting it all over the place. At the moment she is curled up in the car bed under the other desk in the office. That bed has been there for more than a year, but she just started using it today. Last night once again she spent most of the night on the bed, close enough to pet. Until about 6 am, when she decided my feet were her enemy. Her claws are very sharp.

She kept yelling at me to give her some of what I was eating, but when I held some corned beef out to her, she ran away in disgust. More for me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the bug eyes on the side view mirrors
I need to read up on the HEVC test cases
Maybe start on the SNMP class ppt
Maybe Starbucks after work, I need to fire up the laptop and apply updates.

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