Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Eyedrops would be a good idea

If you notice me stop typing for a bit, that's what I'm doing.

Lazy this morning, no Spook on the bed last night. But she always comes into the bedroom and yells at me.

Got email from Netgear, they will do as I suggested and actually try it on a machine instead of just parroting the manual. Meanwhile there's no access to my webcams.

At work a little late, but it doesn't matter, nothing critical being worked on. I still don't have a test machine, and there are none lined up. I did pass a couple of tests by borrowing the team lead's machine for a few minutes.

Worked on the SNMP class slides. Totally redid the order. Added a lot of screen captures. More tomorrow.

Lunch at IHOP. For a 24-hour place it's pretty sparse at 1:30. Their wheat grain pancakes are a lot thinner than at Denny's.

Team meeting was boring, again, and we need to have that room's aircon looked at because it gets way too warm in there.

Auto parts store after work, bought another set of bug-eye mirrors, and some orange oil spray to loosen the adhesive on the ones I placed incorrectly, and a couple of putty knives to help pry them off. Then to Starbucks nearby to let traffic die down. This one also was remodeled, also an improvement. More seating, lots of AC outlets along the walls, but no powermat chargers. That idea was a non-starter because the company made an exclusive deal, you can only use the charger in a Starbucks, you can't buy a compatible one for home, though you can buy the USB adapter for cheap.

Left earlier than I wanted, very pretty girl sitting at the next table and a carload walked in, but I wanted to have a little light when I got home so I could remove the mirrors. Did that, it was easier than expected. Ran out of light before being able to install the new mirrors. Tomorrow morning, probably. At least the driver's side.

No deliveries, was expecting the 85mm lens. Looked it up on eBay, and it was going by slow surface freight from Toronto. Three days to clear customs, for no apparent reason. I expect the weather has backlogged things a lot, because the target date is April 2, when it should have been Monday.

Promised some people on FB I would upload a clip from a 1996 show I was in. Discovered I had never recorded the whole thing, so I set up the Sony VCR which has been on it's side in the corner of the office, put in the tape, and it stopped playing after 6 seconds. Ditto FF and REW. So I pulled out the PAL/NTSC/SEACAM unit parked on the bottom of the bedroom TV stand, hooked it up. It had no problem with the tape. Except it only played B&W. But that was fine for what I was doing. Will have to go online and buy a better one, and re-do the capture some other time.

Time to take drugs and go to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish installing the mirrors
Work, more on the class slides
Home, maybe plant the poppies.

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