Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's All Done With Mirrors

So the side view mirror saga goes like this:
1. Bought a pair of 3.5" round convex mirrors which have a circle of double-sided tape on the back
2. Installed them on the side view mirrors nearest the outside edge. The mirrors are about 5" wide
This turned out to be a FAIL, they needed to be near the inside edge (closest to the driver) to eliminate the blind spot and give a full view
I had bought the last 2 of those mirrors Pep Boys had in stock so I went to O'Reilley's. They only had one, but they had 4.5" not-round ones, a convex lens but a flat top and bottom and round ends. Commonly used for truck side mirrors. So I bought two of those, plus the round one, plus a spray bottle for some orange oil liquid guaranteed to remove bugs and adhesive. And a pair of thin metal putty knives which looked perfect for getting between the bug-eyes and the car mirror
3. Sprayed the crack between the mirrors with the orange goop. Used the wider putty knife to gently pry the bug-eyes loose. Worked okay, but left everything oily. Used a rag to get the tape residue off (there wasn't much), and Windex and paper towels to clean off the oil
4. Applied the larger mirrors to both sides
This was also a FAIL for two reasons. First of all, the driver's side was crooked, secondly they both were too large, and prevented the mirror motors from angling them correctly. On top of that, the flat tops/bottoms truncated the view
5. Went to AutoZone, they had no 3.5" mirrors. Don't even stock them. They also didn't have double-sided tape or velcro (which I needed to install my FastTrack unit). To Target, no mirrors, but they had double-sided tape and velcro.
6. Found some Goop® spray in the laundry room. Used that instead of the oil spray. Much more effective. Big mirrors came off with a little more finessing than the round ones. Same cleanup. Looking at the original mirrors, one had 90% of its tape intact and still sticky. Put that on the driver's side. Put the one from O'Reilly on the other side. This time they are both on the inside edges.

Tomorrow we will see...
Work was too much fun. Almost finished the SNMP slides, added some animation, but couldn't finish because there was no current machine to take screen shots from.

No email or credit card charge yet for the Arris modem/router. That would have been my work address, which is not easy to spell wrong. Monday if there is still nothing I'll call them back.

UPS sent email yesterday to sign for something online so they could leave it. Today they sent email that they tried to deliver it but no one was home. WTF? Looked online, the vendor required an in-person signature. Was going to refuse the package to teach the guy a lesson about being a jerk, but UPS let me have it delivered to a UPS Store, so I did that. Still, I was hoping to use it this weekend...

Lunch was skipped, went to Fry's and bought a VCR/DVD combo.

Home by way if AutoZone and Target. If I didn't want to get the mirrors finished while there was still light, I would have loitered in the Starbucks in the Target store, because there were supermodels. And lots of other eye candy.

After the mirrors were done, I took the VCR inside, but before opening the box I hunted up a newer driver for the SIIG video-to-USB widget I am using. Put Heaven Can Wait into the old machine and monitored it with the SIIG capture software, and it was still in B&W. Hooked up the new VCR, and it was in color. Yay!
Recorded Bells Are Ringing in two passes, one for Act I and the other for Act II. Wasn't necessary because Act I is bigger than a DVD. The two together are bigger than a double-layer DVD. I'll have to convert it from 8Mbps down to less than half, but that should be fine for a DVD. I've already promised the music director a copy.

Actually, blu-ray can take the whole thing no problem.

Got so caught up doing that, that my baked fish sticks were slightly carbonized. Did not make the same mistake with the clam strips. More pecan pie for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant the bag of hummingbird & butterfly friendly flowers. And the California poppies. The former will go by the mailbox. Poppies will probably be scattered along the front of the hedges, between the street and the hedge.
I bailed on a 2 pm photo shoot to go to a 4 pm workshop on creating an android app
Library has the master gardeners again, at 1. This one is on garden insects.
Check out the new wide angle zoom at the local park.

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