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Win Some, Don't Win Some

The original plan was to be at a photo shoot at 2 with a new meetup group, but there was a how to build an android app thing at the library at 4 which I would have to bail early on the shoot to get to, so I canceled my shoot reservation Thursday. There were 4 people on the waiting list, so I expect to get my $ back. The other groups I work with will give a refund as soon as you change your RSVP, as long as there is a day's notice and people on the waiting list. But not this guy.

The library was also hosting a master gardener's talk at 1 about garden insects, so I added that to my calendar.

I thought I would be up early enough to plant some seeds, but I slept in past 10, making up for a late bedtime. And did some video editing and Facebooking, which made me late for the 1 pm show, but they always start late, so I was early.

Interesting talk & slide show, tailored to this area, using examples from the demo garden half a block away.

It ran till almost 3. I got my laptop from the car, found a place to pug it in at one of the tables and read some more of As You Wish. At 15 minutes till 4 I went back to the program room, but they had the door locked, and did not open it till about 4:05, with a line of about 30 people blocking the library front doors. The librarian in charge of logistics keeps doing this, no note on the door saying "wait", and not letting people in until the program presenters are completely set up. Just Plain Stupid.

They had some trouble with the projector - the same projector which worked flawlessly for the last presentation - so they started by verbally giving us the very long URL to get the software. By this time, at least 50 people had their laptops open, and when we all tried to download the files, it completely hosed the library's wi-fi. The presenters were counting on that connection to show their slides. A major WTF - everyone knows you keep a copy locally, because you can never count on a connection.

Long story short, nothing was accomplished after 45 minutes, so I left.  I was very surprised that most people stayed in the room.

The presenter was a college aged woman, she is a good teacher, articulate, rolled with the punches, and if they ever decide to try this again with a limited number of students per class and everyone loading the software at home, I'll gladly go back.

Home, replaced the passenger side bug-eye, which had fallen off in the library parking lot. Went crazy trying to find the industrial strength 2-sided tape I'd bought yesterday. Finally found it in the kitchen trash can with all the packaging from the mirrors.

Got the rake out of the shed and prepped the little patch of dirt by the mailbox, and sprinkled the hummingbird & butterfly & mulch kit-in-a-bag there, spread it out some, and watered it. Raked the area in front of the house between the street and the hedge, scattered poppy seeds & rice hulls kit-in-a-can, raked it in and watered it. We'll see what happens. Rain expected mid-week, but who knows?

Watched an episode of Elementary, they are going PC and working the alzheimers/demetia/senior moments intervention angle, using Lucy Liu's stage mom as the instrument. Freda Foh Shen, who has minor credits in Mulan, Star Trek 2009 and Basic Instinct, has not convinced me she's Watson's mother, except that she has an American accent. She isn't smug enough. Her manner is not nearly as smug as her lines.

Wanted dinner out, decided it has been too long since I had Thai food, so I went to the nearest one, but it was closed. Went to another place which used to be my favorite local. 8 pm, almost empty. 8:30, packed. Except for an Indian family, it was all non-Asians. I'm not sure the waiter spoke Thai. They took all the Thai writing off the menu, and super-Americanized it. Chicken satay was horrible, it was a rectangle of pre-formed processed meat. When I ordered pat thai, he asked if I wanted chicken. Never occurred to me -pat thai is a prawns dish. It was a huge portion, served in a large bowl instead of on a plate, bland. Not awful but not up to snuff.

Took a couple of hours to build a DVD from the Bells Are Ringing video capture. It just finished, tomorrow I'll test it in a real player. If it works, I'll print the label, file it and make a copy for the music director. And anyone else who wants it. It fit fine on a blu-ray. Too big for a regular double-layer DVD.

Plans for tomorrow:
Test the DVD
2 pm going away party for Greg, who music directed and saved us from a psychotic stage director in Babes in Toyland. He also starred in G&S's Utopia. Very talented, very nice guy. Moving to Ohio, he is not saying why, but I suspect his wife got a job there. He can find work pretty much anywhere. I hope. I think I'll try out the new wide angle zoom.

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