Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Anxiety R Us

For no apparent reason, this morning I was feeling anxious. "Having trouble breathing" is not exactly it, more like feeling as if there was probably more oxygen available than what my body was getting. The anxiety expanded into a mild optical migraine, which morphed into a headache. Two extra strength Tylenols and an hour made it gone. Still a little anxious, though.

Tried to do backups with Acronis, it kept failing with an erroneous error about the backup file being in use, when it hadn't even created one. Uninstalled Acronis, will look for a better solution later. Maybe Norton's built-in backup. At least now the PC sees and maps the NAS.

Tested the Bells Are Ringing DVD and it needed to be done over. Two show-stoppers. Trimmed the start of the overture out. Exported the file in too low a resolution for Blu-Ray.

Comedy of errors ensued. Re-exported for Blu-ray, using Corel video editor. It also was able to fix the purple lighting with auto white balance. I did not have Corel DVD Factory on the machine, so tried to import the file into Nero. Got an error saying it wasn't a valid blu-ray file.  But it was. So I shelled out $30 for the upgrade version of Corel DVD Factory and tried to import the file. It crashed the machine. Even after patches applied and environment variable added.

Took a look at the file details, and it looks like the problem may have been that it was 10GB bigger than the disc. So in the background I'm having Nero export it to a 20GB file, and will try again later. Much later because it has 4.5 more hours to crunch.

Greg's going away party was in San Mateo starting at 2, but I figured that would be too early, since at least one set of his friends were doing a matinée in San Jose. So I left at 3:30, got there a little after 4, which worked. Chatted with several old and new friends, It was outdoors in the backyard of friends of his. And then this extremely photogenic blonde introduces herself. We chatted for quite a bit, turns out she used to date Greg, and didn't know anyone there. It was all theater folks, Greg having conducted and starred in local shows, mostly G&S. I tried to take her picture, but she ducked. Can't say I blame her, she probably has a lot of lenses pointed at her.

Matinée people started arriving, and I wanted to hang around longer, but it was fixing to rain (no one else seemed to notice) so I didn't. And didn't go straight home, either. Went for a massage, then Safeway because I was almost all out of frozen dinners and was completely out of chocolate. Meanwhile, Safeway was out of house brand large jars of sugar-free peanut butter. And big jars of Smuckers sugar free jams.

I've been meaning to experiment with a glass of wine before bedtime. The only wines I have ever tolerated are Mateus rosé, Alpine Rhine by Almaden, which has moved out of the area and now only produces boxed wine, and Chateu Ste. Jean's fumé blanc. I was looking for white wine, did not look for the Mateus, but found a fume blanc from Mondavi and a chardonnay from Ste. Jean.

Drinking the Chardonnay. Kind of dry & has a little woody bite to it. Needs chocolate. So I'm pairing it with 85% dark.

Tomorrow is garbage day, took care of that, broke down all the boxes except for the ones which the Netgear modem/router came in because it's going back to Amazon. Found one more glitch. I finally found a way to re-address the webcams without taking them off the wall, and set up port forwarding in the router so I could see them from outside my LAN. Got an instant "cannot display" on all 4. Looked online, and sure enough they did not put in the feature which lets forwarded ports be seen from inside the home LAN. On the surface, it's silly to go out of the LAN, and back in from the outside, but the way this router is configured, I have to create two separate sets of addresses on my cell phone, laptop and tablet in order to see the cams from home and away. None of Netgear's other routers worked this way.

In other news, I think I need another dental appointment. A filling right at the gum line on the front of one or two teeth has been paining me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish the Bells DVD


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